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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

How bad is the drunk driving problem in the United States?

Many Americans know someone who was injured or killed in a drunk driving accident. Maybe it was you, or a loved one, or a family friend who got hurt. You might also know someone who was arrested and charged with a DUI. The fact is, drunk driving is a serious problem that persists in our country and there doesn't seem to be an end to it.

Drunk driver appears in court after fatal crash

A 31-year-old man appeared in court late last month to face drunk driving charges related to the car accident death of an 18-year-old woman. The man was traveling eastbound when he lost control of his vehicle, it crossed the centerline and he crashed head-on into the young woman's sport utility vehicle.

Who is liable after a drunk driving accident?

Following any kind of injurious car accident, police will strive to assign fault to one of the drivers. If one of the drivers is deemed to be intoxicated, then authorities will most likely fault that individual. In turn, the intoxicated driver will probably also be liable for injuries and other financial damages stemming from the incident.

Were you hurt by a drunk driver?

Every night -- especially after 11 p.m. -- there are intoxicated drivers on the road. Most West Virginia residents don't have to drive this late, but many of us do. Perhaps you're heading home from work after the late shift, or you're making a midnight run to the 24-hour drug store. It's possible you could encounter an inebriated driver and get into an accident.

Allegedly DUI driver to face involuntary manslaughter charges

A single-vehicle crash happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, last week and it resulted in the death of one woman. The tragic incident was caused -- according to authorities -- by a 26-year-old man who was allegedly driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license. In addition to the fatally injured woman, two other passengers suffered nonfatal injuries in the crash.

Does the United States have the most dangerous roads?

Everyone knows that driving is dangerous, even if we don't think about those dangers on a daily basis. However, what most Americans don't realize is the fact that the United States has more car accident deaths each year than comparable high-income nations. Even though the United States has seen a dramatic decrease in car accident related deaths over the last 13 years, it hasn't declined as much as other countries.

This tip could save your life on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a holiday to be enjoyed with family and friends. It's the last night of the year, when we can celebrate all the good times we had and bring home good thoughts toward the year to come. However, all the celebrations can be quickly destroyed by an unplanned-for car accident. For this reason, drivers in Virginia Beach are being encouraged to drink responsibly and don't get behind the wheel if you have any alcohol in your system.

DUI prevention strategies that work

As we approach the December holidays, the roads will be packed with travelers visiting family and with partiers who have likely been drinking -- most of who will not be paying as much attention to the road as they should be. Out of all the holiday driving dangers, by far drunk driving is the worst of them and -- as a society -- we need to do everything we can to prevent it.

2 men on trial for fatal Virginia Beach car crash

Authorities are prosecuting two men who allegedly caused a fatal car accident in 2015 that resulted in one death and multiple injuries. The men, ages 33 and 32, were both accused of involuntary manslaughter relating to the accident. In addition to the manslaughter charges, the 33-year-old man was charged with refusing a sobriety test and DUI and the 32-year-old man was charged with disorderly conduct and DUI.

Driver accused of DUI maiming after causing serious injuries

A Virginia man was arrested after striking two pedestrians with his sport utility vehicle on a sidewalk in Clarendon. The 49-year-old man is now facing DUI maiming charges, a Class 6 felony, which could result in him spending years in prison if he is convicted. Generally, the crime is punishable with a minimum of one to five years in prison.

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