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Traumatic brain injury: Accidents can lead to 2 violent impacts

An accident takes just a split second in real time. Someone drifts across the center line and hits your car head-on. The airbag explodes forward. Your head hits the airbag, bounces back against the headrest, and your vehicle comes to a stop.

How do I know if my vehicle tires need to be replaced?

Your vehicle tires are essential to your ability to stop, maneuver and avoid accidents while driving your car. In fact, if you neglect to replace your balding, worn-out car tires, you could find yourself liable for a vehicle accident if your old tires cause you to get into a collision.

Is it a myth that millennials aren't buying homes?

You often hear people say that millennials are not buying homes, and that it's having a drastic impact on the economy. At that same age, younger generations were buying homes and starting families. Millennials have far too much student debt. They spend their money on other things besides homes.

Why are the weekends so dangerous for drivers?

The weekends pose a much higher risk to drivers than the work week. A recent study that looked at the statistics from 2016 showed that 6,802 deaths happened on Saturday, 5,826 happened on Friday and 5,809 happened on Sunday. Those are the three deadliest days by a long shot, with even the lowest (Sunday) bringing about hundreds more deaths than any weekday -- and over 1,000 more than the lowest weekday, which was Tuesday.

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