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Can you avoid a left-turn crash on a motorcycle?

As a motorcyclist, few things make you as nervous as left-turn accidents. These happen when you do nothing but drive straight down a two-way road, with the right-of-way. Another driver, typically not seeing your motorcycle, then executes a left turn and cuts across your lane. You strike the side of the car.

What are the best ways to prevent car accident deaths?

The vast majority of car accidents could have been avoided -- if only the people involved in the accidents had acted appropriately, carefully and in compliance with the rules of the road. The saddest part of any car accident death is that it didn't have to happen in the first place. If you want to avoid becoming a statistic and lessen your chances of dying in an auto collision, follow these tips:

How old are first-time home buyers?

There are plenty of examples of first-time home buyers of all ages. Some people buy homes at 18 and rent them out while going through college. Others rent or perhaps live in military housing for years, only buying a house well into middle age. It all depends on the specifics of the situation. How old is the average person who is buying a house for the first time?

How important are motorcycle helmets?

Imagine you need to make a quick run to the convenience store for a jug of milk. If you decide to hop on the motorcycle and enjoy some fresh air while you make this quick and simple shopping run, don't neglect to wear your helmet. Even a short trip like this could end in disaster if you're involved in a crash without a helmet.

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