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Learn two little-known ways to avoid a car accident

There are numerous suggestions on how to prevent a car crash. Do a quick search on the internet, however, and you'll likely hear the same advice over and over again. That being said, you will be harder pressed to find these tips -- although they could save your life while you are driving your car in Virginia Beach traffic.

Can parents prevent teen drunk driving?

Young teen drivers lack experience behind the wheel, which can increase their chances of being involved in a car accident. If they drink and drive, they become even more dangerous. They may become drowsy, unable to concentrate, prone to poor decisions and ultimately unable to control their vehicle.

Police officer in Virginia hit by car

The roads in Virginia have been a bit slick lately, in the early part of winter, and it shows. It's led to accidents all over the state, and the authorities are now reminding people to drive more carefully until things clear up again. It's a good mindset for them to carry all the way until spring, not just when snow is falling.

Tips for increasing visibility while riding a motorcycle

Imagine you're traveling down the road in a big red semitruck at 70 mph. Everyone is going to see you coming, and if they're in your way, they'll probably get out of it as quickly as possible. Now imagine you're traveling down the same road, at the same speed, on a motorcycle. You're tiny compared to the big rig and less likely to be seen. This lack of visibility makes motorcyclists more likely to get struck by motorists who don't see them.

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