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2017 saw a record number of pedestrian deaths: Why?

The vulnerability of a pedestrian in the event that he or she is struck by a motor vehicle is obvious. A driver in a car is protected by thousands of pounds of metal and safety equipment, and a pedestrian's body is completely exposed to injury. Add the fact that vehicles are usually traveling at high speeds and you can see why many pedestrians are killed after being struck by a car.

2 automakers warn consumers not to drive certain vehicles

Ford has issued a warning to drivers who own 2006 Ford Ranger pickup trucks. Don't drive the car, an airbag recall issue, has been resolved. The problem relates the potentially deadly Takata Airbags installed in the vehicles. In the event of a collision, there's the chance of the airbag inflator detonating with an explosion. These explosions have killed drivers and passengers around the world. Because of the dangers, Ford recommends that drivers of 2006 Ford Rangers do not operate their vehicles until after a dealership has fixed the problem.

Did you suffer from a head or back injury from a car accident?

The head and back are some of the most vulnerable areas of the body in a motor vehicle accident. They are also essential parts of the body for proper function and mobility. For this reason, injuries to the head and back tend to come with the most severe and protracted consequences for car accident victims.

Should Ford's 'Do Not Drive' warning pertain to more vehicles?

Ford Motor Company issued a 'Do Not Drive' directive pertaining to approximately 2,900 of its 2006 Ranger pickups. The warning relates to a problem with defective Takata Airbags that were installed in the vehicles. According to Ford, the airbags could explode and shoot hot metal shrapnel into the vehicle compartments -- potentially killing the occupants inside. Even worse, according to Ford, the airbags could explode at any moment.

Examples of common car accidents police see all the time

Virginia Beach police officers who have years of experience see new kinds of car accidents all the time. However, there are certain car accident scenarios that they see again and again. When it's considered that the majority of these could have and should have been avoided -- if the at-fault driver had acted more responsibly -- the destruction and injuries caused by these crashes is particularly distressing.

2 people rushed to the hospital after vehicle drove off boat dock

A car accident in Virginia Beach ended in a vehicle driving off a boat dock last week. The incident happened at approximately 12:30 a.m., not far from the Virginia Aquarium boat ramp. Fortunately, a Virginia Aquarium worker was there to come to the rescue.

What should I keep in my car during a long distance winter drive?

Virginia drivers might decide to head north this winter season. Although it's great to visit family and friends, you'll also want to do everything you can to protect you and your family during a long-distance winter drive. This means you need to be prepared for freezing temperatures, snow and the chance that your car could become stranded.

Services to be held for Coast Guard member killed by drunk driver

New Jersey man died in a head-on collision on Nov. 4 in Virginia Beach. The collision was caused by an allegedly drunk driver. According to police, the 25-year-old woman who caused the crash was intoxicated with an open container of alcohol in the car. She was driving the wrong way down the road when the accident happened.

Television star arrested and accused of DUI in fatal crash

When the rich and famous get into trouble with the law, it makes the headlines and everyone finds out about it. Being rich and famous, however, will not make things any easier on an accused person -- especially if the celebrity accused of a crime caused a fatal drunk driving crash.

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