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How important are motorcycle helmets?

Imagine you need to make a quick run to the convenience store for a jug of milk. If you decide to hop on the motorcycle and enjoy some fresh air while you make this quick and simple shopping run, don't neglect to wear your helmet. Even a short trip like this could end in disaster if you're involved in a crash without a helmet.

Traumatic brain injury: Accidents can lead to 2 violent impacts

An accident takes just a split second in real time. Someone drifts across the center line and hits your car head-on. The airbag explodes forward. Your head hits the airbag, bounces back against the headrest, and your vehicle comes to a stop.

How do I know if my vehicle tires need to be replaced?

Your vehicle tires are essential to your ability to stop, maneuver and avoid accidents while driving your car. In fact, if you neglect to replace your balding, worn-out car tires, you could find yourself liable for a vehicle accident if your old tires cause you to get into a collision.

Safe driving tip: Mirrors and turn signals are your friends

Some drivers seem to ignore the helpful mirrors that their vehicles are equipped with. Even though most cars have a rearview mirror and two side-view mirrors, many irresponsible motorists never seem to use them. Moreover, many drivers are also failing to use their turn signals when turning and changing lanes. This is creating a dangerous situation on the road and causing numerous accidents.

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