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Questions that evaluate intangible damages after a car crash

A motor vehicle crash is not always the fault of another party, but when it is, the innocent victims can usually hold the at-fault party financially liable for their damages. These damages will fall into two primary categories: tangible damages and intangible damages. Tangible damages are easy to calculate based on current prices for various goods and services. Intangible damages are difficult to calculate because they relate to feelings, emotions and quality of life.

What you should do if you were seriously hurt in a car crash

Driving the speed limit, avoiding alcohol before driving and following the rules of the road are the best ways to avoid causing or being involved in a vehicle crash. Sometimes, however, these crashes happen due to no fault of our own. If you were hurt in an incident caused by another driver's mistake, here's what you should do:

2 questions about car accidents

Imagine you were driving your daughter to school one morning when a drunk driver slammed into the side of your vehicle. Fortunately, your daughter wasn't hurt, but you suffered a broken femur that has required extensive and costly medical treatments. You suspect that you have a viable personal injury claim to pursue, but you have a lot of questions.

Learn two little-known ways to avoid a car accident

There are numerous suggestions on how to prevent a car crash. Do a quick search on the internet, however, and you'll likely hear the same advice over and over again. That being said, you will be harder pressed to find these tips -- although they could save your life while you are driving your car in Virginia Beach traffic.

Police officer in Virginia hit by car

The roads in Virginia have been a bit slick lately, in the early part of winter, and it shows. It's led to accidents all over the state, and the authorities are now reminding people to drive more carefully until things clear up again. It's a good mindset for them to carry all the way until spring, not just when snow is falling.

What are the best ways to prevent car accident deaths?

The vast majority of car accidents could have been avoided -- if only the people involved in the accidents had acted appropriately, carefully and in compliance with the rules of the road. The saddest part of any car accident death is that it didn't have to happen in the first place. If you want to avoid becoming a statistic and lessen your chances of dying in an auto collision, follow these tips:

How important are motorcycle helmets?

Imagine you need to make a quick run to the convenience store for a jug of milk. If you decide to hop on the motorcycle and enjoy some fresh air while you make this quick and simple shopping run, don't neglect to wear your helmet. Even a short trip like this could end in disaster if you're involved in a crash without a helmet.

Traumatic brain injury: Accidents can lead to 2 violent impacts

An accident takes just a split second in real time. Someone drifts across the center line and hits your car head-on. The airbag explodes forward. Your head hits the airbag, bounces back against the headrest, and your vehicle comes to a stop.

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