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Tips for increasing visibility while riding a motorcycle

Imagine you're traveling down the road in a big red semitruck at 70 mph. Everyone is going to see you coming, and if they're in your way, they'll probably get out of it as quickly as possible. Now imagine you're traveling down the same road, at the same speed, on a motorcycle. You're tiny compared to the big rig and less likely to be seen. This lack of visibility makes motorcyclists more likely to get struck by motorists who don't see them.

Can you avoid a left-turn crash on a motorcycle?

As a motorcyclist, few things make you as nervous as left-turn accidents. These happen when you do nothing but drive straight down a two-way road, with the right-of-way. Another driver, typically not seeing your motorcycle, then executes a left turn and cuts across your lane. You strike the side of the car.

Examples of common personal injury accident scenarios

An accident caused by another party's negligence can result in devastating problems for the victims, who due to no fault of their own, suffer serious injuries. These problems relate to pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, attorneys' fees, court costs and more. Fortunately, when an injured victim can prove the fault and liability of the other party, the victim can usually recoup financial compensation for these damages.

Novices should be very careful with sidecars

People often think of sidecars as substantially safer and easier to drive than motorcycles. A lot of it has to do with balance. A traditional bike can tip over on its own and needs support and balance from the driver, especially at stoplights, while a bike with a sidecar stays up on its own.

Are you being as safe as possible on your motorcycle?

Everyone who's ever driven a motorcycle knows how thrilling and potentially dangerous these marvelous two-wheeled vehicles can be. This gives motorcyclists a unique sense for how important safety is when they take to the road. Not only do they need to be careful not to make any errors themselves, but they also have to keep their eyes peeled for negligent vehicle drivers who might not be paying attention to the road.

5 ways to avoid a motorcycle crash

Regardless of who is at fault for any given motorcycle collision, approximately 80 percent of motorcycle crashes reported to authorities involve death or injuries according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Perhaps the most distressing part of this statistic, however, is the fact that most of these fatal or injurious accidents could have been avoided if either the motorcyclist or the vehicle driver involved in the crash had taken specific precautions.

Bikers: Boost your visibility on a motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycle safety, there is only so much a helmet and armored jacket can do to prevent injuries. Ultimately, you'll want to avoid getting into a crash at all costs, and one way to do that is to increase your visibility. The more visible you are, the more likely cars will see you ahead of time so that they can avoid hitting you.

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