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National Ice Cream day truck collision sends 3 to hospital

National Ice Cream day occurs on the third Sunday of every July. Americans have celebrated the day -- and the tasty frozen treat -- since 1984, when President Ronald Reagan signed a measure declaring the holiday. Unfortunately, it appears that last Sunday, a Virginia Beach ice cream truck driver took her celebrations too far by attempting to drive her ice cream truck while inebriated.

Do your part to prevent semitruck crashes

If you've ever passed a commercial truck on the interstate -- and you probably have many times, because they travel so slowly -- then you know just how scary these behemoths are. As you pass them, you can't help but feel a little fearful. What if the truck driver doesn't see me? What if he falls asleep and veers into my lane? You're correct to be fearful and cautious around these giant trucks. There's also a few more vital things you can do to ensure you and your passengers' safety:

Can a truck drive in the left lane in Virginia?

The left lane of an interstate, often referred to as the "fast" lane, is for passing. Faster traffic stays to the left, while slower traffic, such as those who are about to exit, stays to the right. This limits congestion and helps everyone move at roughly the rate they desire.

Semitrucks and underride guards: It's time to change the law

Nearly all 18-wheelers are equipped with underride guards on the backs of their trailers. You've probably seen them. They're the metal grates that extend down close to the ground on the backs of semitrucks. These underride guards prevent vehicles from getting stuck under the truck in rearward collisions.

Did you get hurt in a semitruck jackknife accident?

Semitrucks that have large trailers behind them are always in danger of causing a jackknife accident. When an eighteen-wheeler jackknifes, it means that the truck driver took too sharp of a turn -- so sharp that "tractor" and the "trailer" started moving at odd angles to one another. These accidents are most common when a tractor trailer is trying to back up in a small space.

Do truckers get enough sleep? One trucker's story is illuminating

A recent personal essay posted on TruckingTruth is so well written, and so illustrative of what truckers have to deal with in terms of sleep deprivation, that we wanted to talk about it here. In the article, a trucker describes his process of coming to grips with the strange sleeping patterns associated with the long haul.

Truck accidents: Just say no to the no-zone

When it comes to being safe around semitrucks, there's a little thing called the "no-zone" and you want to avoid being in this zone like the plague. All big vehicles have no-zones that surround them, and when a car enters one of these areas, a collision is much more likely to occur.

Prevent truck accidents by avoiding the no zone

Most drivers are accustomed to seeing large trucks on Virginia highways. In fact, these trucks are so commonplace that drivers rarely consider how extremely dangerous they are. During peak traffic times, you might end up getting a little too close to these large vehicles -- so close that you could get hit and involved in a catastrophic accident.

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