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Semitrucks and underride guards: It's time to change the law

Nearly all 18-wheelers are equipped with underride guards on the backs of their trailers. You've probably seen them. They're the metal grates that extend down close to the ground on the backs of semitrucks. These underride guards prevent vehicles from getting stuck under the truck in rearward collisions.

Did you get hurt in a semitruck jackknife accident?

Semitrucks that have large trailers behind them are always in danger of causing a jackknife accident. When an eighteen-wheeler jackknifes, it means that the truck driver took too sharp of a turn -- so sharp that "tractor" and the "trailer" started moving at odd angles to one another. These accidents are most common when a tractor trailer is trying to back up in a small space.

Do truckers get enough sleep? One trucker's story is illuminating

A recent personal essay posted on TruckingTruth is so well written, and so illustrative of what truckers have to deal with in terms of sleep deprivation, that we wanted to talk about it here. In the article, a trucker describes his process of coming to grips with the strange sleeping patterns associated with the long haul.

Truck accidents: Just say no to the no-zone

When it comes to being safe around semitrucks, there's a little thing called the "no-zone" and you want to avoid being in this zone like the plague. All big vehicles have no-zones that surround them, and when a car enters one of these areas, a collision is much more likely to occur.

Prevent truck accidents by avoiding the no zone

Most drivers are accustomed to seeing large trucks on Virginia highways. In fact, these trucks are so commonplace that drivers rarely consider how extremely dangerous they are. During peak traffic times, you might end up getting a little too close to these large vehicles -- so close that you could get hit and involved in a catastrophic accident.

How do trucking companies cause accidents?

Truck drivers need to be the most careful drivers on the road. That's because the slightest misstep could spell ultimate disaster for a truck driver and any vehicle and its driver and passengers around the truck driver. Big trucks are slow to accelerate, slow to stop, slow to maneuver and they weigh thousands and thousands of pounds more than the average vehicle.

Important things to know about commercial truck accidents

An accident involving a big rig truck -- especially if it is with a smaller vehicle -- will often cause serious and catastrophic injuries. These collisions can be fatal as well. If the crash involves a truck that is carrying hazardous and/or flammable cargo, it can also represent dangers for surrounding vehicles and pedestrians who may not have even been involved in the collision. This article will discuss several important things to keep in mind when it comes to these dangerous incidents.

10 percent of fatal accidents involve large trucks

You've probably heard people in Virginia Beach talk about the high fatality rates in car accidents and the overall danger that driving poses—especially when compared to flying. However, did you know how big of a role large trucks play in these accidents? The stats show that 10 percent of all of the deadly accidents in the United States involve these vehicles.

Fatal trucking accident claims the life of Virginia truck driver

Semi-truck accidents happen frequently across the United States and in the state of Virginia. Drivers are often overworked, sleep deprived and in some cases, they take various controlled substances to artificially stay alert on the roadway. Because of the immense size of tractor-trailers, semi-truck accidents often cause catastrophic damages to the drivers of smaller automobiles with whom they share the roadway.

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