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Police believe fatal motor vehicle accident caused by alcohol

A Virginia Beach resident suffered a serious injury in a catastrophic and fatal car accident last Sunday. The single-car crash happened just prior to 2 a.m. in Prince George along Ruffin Road.

2 vital motor vehicle accident prevention tips

Driving defensively, following the speed limit and keeping your eyes on the road are three things that almost every Virginia resident tries to do while operating his or her motor vehicle. However, there are two other common sense pieces of advice that a lot of people fail to follow. If Virginia residents did these two things, hundreds, if not thousands, of motor vehicle accident injuries and deaths could be prevented each year.

What costs can I expect after a Virginia Beach car accident?

Car accidents happen every day on Virginia Beach roads and sometimes they result in serious injuries, property damage and other costs. What kinds of costs, then, should the average car accident victim expect to incur following a collision?

Negligence and Virginia personal injury claims

When a Virginia resident pursues a claim in civil court regarding personal injuries suffered in a car accident, the most important cause of action in the complaint tends to be negligence. This does not mean that all car accident cases are the same, though. Indeed, the reality of the law and the infinite complexity of a potential car accident case is never that simple.

What is distracted driving in Virginia Beach?

Technically, distracted driving is anything that you do that takes your eyes off of the road or splits your attention between driving your car and the other task. It can be simple multitasking that people do every day, like changing the station on the radio, or it can be more complex things like trying to use a mobile device.

Preventing personal injury with bicycle safety technology

Automaker Volvo has teamed up with two other companies to develop a new safety technology that they hope will prevent bicycle versus car accidents. The technology involves helmets rigged with transmitters that will give Volvo drivers proximity alerts and 2-way communication to help cyclists and drivers avoid collisions. Volvo says that its team is the first to create this kind of technology, which connects cyclists and drivers through connected technology.

What should I do after a motor vehicle accident?

Even the tiniest of fender benders can send Virginia drivers and their passengers into a tailspin. It is stressful being in a car accident -- no matter how serious the accident is -- and this is why it is important that individuals are aware of what they should do to protect their rights following an accident.

Virginia personal injury verdict nets woman $20 million

A woman who was paralyzed in a car accident has received a $20 million personal injury verdict in Roanoke, Virginia. The 35-year-old woman's body is paralyzed from the chest down as the result of a 2006 car accident that caused the woman's sports car to flip over.

What should I know about car accidents with animals in Virginia?

Most Virginia drivers and motorcyclists do not even think about animals while driving, but animals can cause a fatal or injurious accident in a heartbeat. Wild animals like deer are especially dangerous because of their size and the fact that they are not typically fenced in. From July 2012 through June 2013, approximately 1.2 million motor vehicle crashes happened last year involving deer. Domestic animals like dogs, cats, cows, horses and pigs can also be extremely dangerous if they are allowed to roam free.

Help for car accident victims with serious injuries

If you have been in a car accident, you may be wondering whether your injuries are serious enough to warrant the pursuit of a car accident injury claim, but medical treatment is costly no matter how serious the wound. Indeed, Virginia Beach car accident victims may wish to speak with an attorney who specializes in these matters before they provide any kind of statement to an insurance company.

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