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What costs can I expect after a Virginia Beach car accident?

Car accidents happen every day on Virginia Beach roads and sometimes they result in serious injuries, property damage and other costs. What kinds of costs, then, should the average car accident victim expect to incur following a collision?

What is distracted driving in Virginia Beach?

Technically, distracted driving is anything that you do that takes your eyes off of the road or splits your attention between driving your car and the other task. It can be simple multitasking that people do every day, like changing the station on the radio, or it can be more complex things like trying to use a mobile device.

Help for car accident victims with serious injuries

If you have been in a car accident, you may be wondering whether your injuries are serious enough to warrant the pursuit of a car accident injury claim, but medical treatment is costly no matter how serious the wound. Indeed, Virginia Beach car accident victims may wish to speak with an attorney who specializes in these matters before they provide any kind of statement to an insurance company.

9-car crash closes lanes in New Kent, Virginia

A nine-car crash closed lanes and left wreckage all along the east side of I-64 near New Kent, Virginia. The whole thing started, according to reports, when a person who was driving a box truck tried to pick up a bottle of water. He reached to get it and caused the first impact. As cars began to collide, more and more vehicles were drawn into the chaos. Two semi-trucks were also involved.

Recall leads to motor vehicle accident questions, investigation

A motor vehicle accident can be caused by a variety of factors, from a driver error to a malfunctioning vehicle. Recently, General Motors has found itself faced with a difficult situation related to questions surrounding why it took the company nearly 10 years to recall 1.6 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches linked to accidents.

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