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Medical expenses you can claim in a car accident case

When a negligent, unlawful, reckless or inattentive vehicle driver hurts you, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury claim for damages in Virginia civil court. In most car accident injury cases, the most significant damages will probably relate to your medical costs.

These days, paying for medical care is so expensive that most people wouldn't even dream of being able to pay for the expenses out of pocket. As such, a successfully navigated personal injury claim that compensates a car accident victim for damages might the only way that he or she has of getting and paying for necessary medical care.

Bicyclists and Virginia beach car accidents

Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable to getting hurt when they take to the road. Similar to motorcyclists, if a bicyclist is hit by a car, he or she will not have any means of protection aside from a helmet and a little bit of luck. This is why, when it comes to a bicycle versus car accident, the vehicle drivers tend to escape unharmed and the bicyclists are often gravely injured, or even killed.

Example of a tragic Virginia Beach bike crash

Motorcyclist requires hospital care after serious accident

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to getting hurt in a motor vehicle collision. This is why motorcyclists should wear a helmet and other safety gear at all times. However, even with the most cutting edge safety equipment, the simple fact that motorcyclists are exposed to the open air in a collision means that they are always at risk of catastrophic and/or fatal injuries in even the most basic crashes.

In one recent Virginia Beach motorcyclist collision, the motorcyclist required hospital care following a catastrophic accident. The incident happened in Virginia Beach last Wednesday, and ambulances were called to the crash site just prior to 5 p.m.

Who is liable after a drunk driving accident?

Following any kind of injurious car accident, police will strive to assign fault to one of the drivers. If one of the drivers is deemed to be intoxicated, then authorities will most likely fault that individual. In turn, the intoxicated driver will probably also be liable for injuries and other financial damages stemming from the incident.

The drunk driver might not always be liable for injuries, though. If a court determines that the driver's state of intoxication did not cause the accident, and thereby did not proximately cause the injuries or other damages, then the DUI driver might not be liable. It's important to note that the burden of proof to receive financial compensation will be on the plaintiff in these cases.

Motorcycle safety: Is it time to replace my motorcycle tires?

Cars are infinitely safer than motorcycles. There are a lot of safety features, protective frames and fail-safes that protect the drivers of cars, while the drivers of motorcycles are far more exposed to dangers. One of particular concern relates to tires.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating the safety of your motorcycle tires:

Stay safer by treating your bike like an airplane

Bicyclists are exposed to the elements when they're on the road. They don't have a heavy metal frame for protection -- so when they get into a crash, serious injuries result. Aside from wearing the usual protective gear -- like helmets and reflective vests -- what can bicyclists do to be safer?

One way bicyclists can stay safer is to do something that airplane pilots do before they get on the road. Every time an airplane pilot prepares for takeoff, he or she diligently goes through a safety checklist to ensure that the airplane is safe and ready for flight. With this in mind, bicyclists can perform a similar checklist:

Car accident injuries to the neck and chest

Virtually any kind of injury can happen in a Virginia Beach car accident. You might suffer broken bones, torn ligaments, sprained ligaments, traumatic brain injuries and more. Two areas of the body, however, tend to be some of the most commonly injured: the neck and chest. Neck and chest injuries can also be extremely problematic and permanently disabling.

The most popularly known car accident injury, whiplash, involves the neck. This happens when the head and neck jerk forward suddenly. It's caused by ligament damage and other neck muscle damage. After a whiplash injury, you could feel severe pain in the neck. Swelling and soreness at specific vertebra is also common. With severe neck injuries, an accident victim could experience vocal cord paralysis and not be able to speak.

Prevent car accidents by maintaining your tires

An easy way to prevent car accidents is to properly maintain your tires. Vehicles with worn out tires are much more likely to lose control and get into a crash. Vehicles with well-maintained tires, on the other hand, will stop faster, negotiate traffic more effectively, and have a higher probability of avoiding a collision.

Here are some tire maintenance tips to help you keep yourself and others on the roadway as safe as possible:

Thank Lawrence of Arabia for the modern motorcycle helmet

Lawrence of Arabia, the British Army veteran who helped organized the Arab Revolt of 1916 to 1918 against the Ottoman Empire, was also a motorcycle enthusiast. In fact, it was his love of motorcycles -- long after the Arab Revolt -- that killed him. He suffered severe head injuries in a motorcycle accident, which left him in a coma for six days before he died.

The neurosurgeon who treated T.E. Lawrence after his motorcycle accident, Sir Hugh Cairns, decided that something needed to be done to help prevent the numerous and fatal head injuries he'd seen caused by motorcycles. The surgeon had seen, in particular, a lot of head injuries suffered by motorcycle-riding military messengers. After studying how to protect riders from head injuries, the Dr. Cairns developed the first motorcycle helmet.

Truck accidents: Just say no to the no-zone

When it comes to being safe around semitrucks, there's a little thing called the "no-zone" and you want to avoid being in this zone like the plague. All big vehicles have no-zones that surround them, and when a car enters one of these areas, a collision is much more likely to occur.

No-zones are blind spots, where a motorist's vehicle completely disappears from the view of a bus or truck driver. Below, we'll discuss all the different no-zones that surround these big vehicles:

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