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Did you get hurt in a semitruck jackknife accident?

Semitrucks that have large trailers behind them are always in danger of causing a jackknife accident. When an eighteen-wheeler jackknifes, it means that the truck driver took too sharp of a turn -- so sharp that "tractor" and the "trailer" started moving at odd angles to one another. These accidents are most common when a tractor trailer is trying to back up in a small space.

Whether the semitruck driver and his or her employer are liable for the injuries and damages that stem from a jackknife incident depends on the circumstances surrounding the crash. If the semitruck driver negligently attempted a risky maneuver when other, safer options were at his or her disposal, then the driver could be viewed as negligent.

We all know the truth about motorcycles: They're dangerous

At the Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we are passionate defenders of the rights of motorcyclists to enjoy riding their bikes on safe roads that are free of distracted, drunk, negligent and unlawful drivers. However, we are also realistic about the fact that -- as long as humans are driving cars -- they will do immoral things behind the wheel.

'Immoral" is not a legal term of course, but it's the most accurate descriptor available when referring to any driver who knowingly places other drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists at risk. These immoral drivers include people who regularly get behind the wheel after drinking too much at a party. They include the scores of people you see behind the wheel with their noses buried in their cellphones. They also include speeders, distracted drivers and those who disregard the rules of the road.

3 ways parents can stop teens from speeding

Teen drivers take risks. They break the speed limit. They know they shouldn't, but they do it anyway.

Parents often wonder what they can do to stop it. When they're in the car with the teen, he or she drives perfectly, but they're worried that the teen is a very different driver when hitting the streets alone. Below are three ways that parents may have an impact.

Do truckers get enough sleep? One trucker's story is illuminating

A recent personal essay posted on TruckingTruth is so well written, and so illustrative of what truckers have to deal with in terms of sleep deprivation, that we wanted to talk about it here. In the article, a trucker describes his process of coming to grips with the strange sleeping patterns associated with the long haul.

For "TruckerMike," his main challenge related to the lack of a normal bed time. He revealed a common phrase from industry veterans that says, "Drive when you have to, sleep when you can." This phrase encapsulates the problem: Truckers need to get from one place to another on a strict timeline, but the human body -- and its need for rest and recuperation -- doesn't always operate on a schedule.

Braking on a motorcycle: How to do it safely

At The Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we have seen and represented plaintiffs in a lot of different motorcycle accident scenarios. In many of these cases, even though other parties were at fault, we have seen evidence that the injured motorcyclist might have had a better chance of avoiding the accident and injury if he or she had employed better braking technique.

Here are a few pieces of motorcycle braking advice that we hope will assist you in avoiding an injurious crash:

How do you settle a car accident claim?

The first thing you want to have in your back pocket when you decide to settle your car accident claim is a personal injury lawyer. Your Virginia personal injury attorney will have a sense for a fair settlement value to assign to your car accident injury lawsuit to ensure that receive a monetary settlement that's appropriate considering the facts of your case.

If you're new to the world of personal injury law, you might not understand why a settlement could be a very good idea in your case. The reason is that no one can predict the result of a lawsuit with complete accuracy. There's always the chance that a judge or jury could deny a car accident plaintiff's damage claims -- even if the case appears to be a proverbial "slam dunk."

Drunk driver appears in court after fatal crash

A 31-year-old man appeared in court late last month to face drunk driving charges related to the car accident death of an 18-year-old woman. The man was traveling eastbound when he lost control of his vehicle, it crossed the centerline and he crashed head-on into the young woman's sport utility vehicle.

Following the fatal crash, police charged the 31-year-old driver with involuntary manslaughter, felony hit and run resulting in death, maiming as a result of drunk driving, driving with a suspended license and drunk driving first-offense.

Medical expenses you can claim in a car accident case

When a negligent, unlawful, reckless or inattentive vehicle driver hurts you, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury claim for damages in Virginia civil court. In most car accident injury cases, the most significant damages will probably relate to your medical costs.

These days, paying for medical care is so expensive that most people wouldn't even dream of being able to pay for the expenses out of pocket. As such, a successfully navigated personal injury claim that compensates a car accident victim for damages might the only way that he or she has of getting and paying for necessary medical care.

Bicyclists and Virginia beach car accidents

Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable to getting hurt when they take to the road. Similar to motorcyclists, if a bicyclist is hit by a car, he or she will not have any means of protection aside from a helmet and a little bit of luck. This is why, when it comes to a bicycle versus car accident, the vehicle drivers tend to escape unharmed and the bicyclists are often gravely injured, or even killed.

Example of a tragic Virginia Beach bike crash

Motorcyclist requires hospital care after serious accident

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to getting hurt in a motor vehicle collision. This is why motorcyclists should wear a helmet and other safety gear at all times. However, even with the most cutting edge safety equipment, the simple fact that motorcyclists are exposed to the open air in a collision means that they are always at risk of catastrophic and/or fatal injuries in even the most basic crashes.

In one recent Virginia Beach motorcyclist collision, the motorcyclist required hospital care following a catastrophic accident. The incident happened in Virginia Beach last Wednesday, and ambulances were called to the crash site just prior to 5 p.m.

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