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How to know whether you are too drunk to drive

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | DWI |

Deciding whether you are too drunk to drive is a judgment call that can have life-altering consequences. Alcohol seriously impairs your ability to operate a vehicle, putting you and others at serious risk.

If you have a driver’s license and occasionally imbibe, you need to become familiar with the signs that it is impermissible to get behind the wheel.

Monitor alcohol consumption

One of the most straightforward methods to gauge intoxication is by keeping track of how much you are drinking. Various factors such as weight, age, gender and metabolism affect the speed with which the body processes alcohol. As a general rule, ingesting more than one alcoholic beverage per hour means you should keep your hands off the steering wheel.

Assess physical symptoms

Alcohol affects coordination, reaction times and judgment. Indicators you must not drive include blurry or double vision, difficulty standing or walking straight and slow reaction times. Noticing one or more of these effects should send alarm bells ringing.

Use a breath test

Personal breath testers provide a rough estimate of your blood alcohol content. While not 100% accurate, they give a ballpark indication of whether you are above the legal limit. Remember that a BAC below the legal threshold can still impair your driving ability.

Consider transportation alternatives

If you are still uncertain about your sobriety, the best decision is to refrain from driving. Options like calling a friend, using a ride-sharing service and staying put until you are sober can prevent devastating accidents.

Staying out of the driver’s seat when under the influence keeps everyone safe. Should doubts about your fitness for the road persist, lean toward being overly cautious. It is better to suffer a minor inconvenience than to cause a vehicular collision that severely injures someone.