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5 injured in Virginia motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

No two motor vehicle accidents are the same. While some are nothing more than minor fender benders, others result in serious damage as well as injuries to those involved.

Recently, a Virginia State Police trooper collided with a van while pursuing a suspect. According to reports, the chase began when the officer pulled a van over for tinted windows and an expired license plate. At that point, the driver of the van sped away from the scene.

During the chase, another van, with three children and one adult inside, entered an intersection in the path of the police cruiser. At this point, the car and the van collided.

As a result of the motor vehicle accident, three children of varying ages, ranging from one to 10, were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The children’s mother was also treated at a hospital.

The police officer suffered a head injury. At this time, State Police are working with the trooper to dig up information on what went wrong during the pursuit. Unfortunately, the original van that fled the officer got away.

This story is a good example of a motor vehicle accident that is anything but conventional. In this case, a van driven by an innocent bystander was struck by a police cruiser as the officer attempted to chase after a criminal. Despite the fact that the trooper was doing his job, hoping to catch the person who fled the original scene, the end result was a serious collision that tragically landed five people in the hospital.

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