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How important are motorcycle helmets?

Imagine you need to make a quick run to the convenience store for a jug of milk. If you decide to hop on the motorcycle and enjoy some fresh air while you make this quick and simple shopping run, don't neglect to wear your helmet. Even a short trip like this could end in disaster if you're involved in a crash without a helmet.

Your motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of protective equipment you own. It should be a habit to put the helmet on first before you place the key in the ignition of your bike. While it's true that it won't save your life in all circumstances, it will significantly reduce your chance of death, traumatic brain injury and debilitating facial injuries.

Is there a shortage of truck drivers?

Moving products and materials around the United States takes an incredible amount of truck drivers. Has the supply kept up with the demand, or is there a shortage?

For the last few years, reports have been indicating that there simply are not enough drivers for the industry. For instance, a report back in 2016 already put the shortage at 48,000 drivers, and it said that the number could increase all the way to 170,000 or more by 2026. Those statistics come from the rather concerned American Trucking Associations.

Traumatic brain injury: Accidents can lead to 2 violent impacts

An accident takes just a split second in real time. Someone drifts across the center line and hits your car head-on. The airbag explodes forward. Your head hits the airbag, bounces back against the headrest, and your vehicle comes to a stop.

As you get out, it feels like the headrest and the airbag did their jobs. You don't have any cuts or lacerations. You don't have any skull fractures or broken bones.

How do I know if my vehicle tires need to be replaced?

Your vehicle tires are essential to your ability to stop, maneuver and avoid accidents while driving your car. In fact, if you neglect to replace your balding, worn-out car tires, you could find yourself liable for a vehicle accident if your old tires cause you to get into a collision.

In order to know when it's time to replace your vehicle tires, keep the following factors in mind:

Alcohol slows down your nerve cells

Have you ever wondered why people say that alcohol, as a drug, is technically a depressant? Maybe it seems like just the opposite to you; people who have been drinking appear happy, expressive and talkative.

The reason is that alcohol depresses your nerve cells, slowing down your central nervous system. It may not make you actually feel depressed. The definition refers not to your emotions, but to nerve function.

Is it a myth that millennials aren't buying homes?

You often hear people say that millennials are not buying homes, and that it's having a drastic impact on the economy. At that same age, younger generations were buying homes and starting families. Millennials have far too much student debt. They spend their money on other things besides homes.

Is this line of thinking true? While there are arguments on both sides, it should be noted that the median age at which someone bought their first house in 1970 was 30.6 years old. In 2015, that age had only gone up to 31.

How do I treat my whiplash injuries?

We've all seen the archetypical image of someone wearing a big, puffy neck brace while sitting in the courtroom. If you're suffering from whiplash, you probably have an enormous amount of sympathy for that person.

Whiplash is painful and it can involve costly medical bills. If you have whiplash right now, you're probably wondering the best possible way to treat it.

Why are the weekends so dangerous for drivers?

The weekends pose a much higher risk to drivers than the work week. A recent study that looked at the statistics from 2016 showed that 6,802 deaths happened on Saturday, 5,826 happened on Friday and 5,809 happened on Sunday. Those are the three deadliest days by a long shot, with even the lowest (Sunday) bringing about hundreds more deaths than any weekday -- and over 1,000 more than the lowest weekday, which was Tuesday.

Why are the weekends so dangerous? There are a lot of reasons. Higher traffic volumes play a role since people are not at work or school. Reckless driving also comes into it.

Common types of motorcycle accidents

It may seem like every motorcycle accident is a random event that cannot be predicted in advance. However, the reality is that a lot of accidents follow common trends and stem from common mistakes. These are accidents you may be able to avoid.

Many crashes happen when you are riding your bike, and someone turns across your path. For instance, a pickup truck in the oncoming lane may try to turn left to enter a parking lot. The driver does not see the bike coming and turns right in front of you even though you clearly have the right of way. You slam broadside into the truck.

Examples of common personal injury accident scenarios

An accident caused by another party's negligence can result in devastating problems for the victims, who due to no fault of their own, suffer serious injuries. These problems relate to pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, attorneys' fees, court costs and more. Fortunately, when an injured victim can prove the fault and liability of the other party, the victim can usually recoup financial compensation for these damages.

At our law firm, it's our business to represent people injured in accidents like this. Most of our clients have suffered injuries in the most common accident scenarios, which might include situations like the following fictitious examples:

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