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What you should do if you were seriously hurt in a car crash

Driving the speed limit, avoiding alcohol before driving and following the rules of the road are the best ways to avoid causing or being involved in a vehicle crash. Sometimes, however, these crashes happen due to no fault of our own. If you were hurt in an incident caused by another driver's mistake, here's what you should do:

-- Seek medical treatment first and make sure that your health has stabilized before turning your attention to any other task.

Reasons to buy a home after getting married

Many couples buy homes before they get married. Others wait until after the wedding day. It's a personal decision and depends on a litany of factors -- income, debt, relationship strength, the housing market and much more. What you decide is up to you, and either choice can be perfect, depending on your situation.

That said, if you're mulling it over, it's important to consider some of the reasons that couples make their decisions. Here are some reasons they choose to wait until after the wedding to buy a home together:

  • Planning a wedding and reception is stressful enough. Getting married is a huge life change. You may also be planning a honeymoon. Some couples just feel like they have too much going on to think about buying a house as well, so they wait for life to settle down a bit.
  • They want to create complete financial goals. Some couples focus on their long-term financial plans and where they want to be in 20 or 30 years. They may feel that it's easier to do that after they get married and combine things like income, assets and debt.
  • They're just following the trends. According to some reports, a full 74 percent of couples that get mortgages together are already married. It's a social convention and the majority of people do it.
  • They want the stability of a marriage. Even a happy couple may be wary about buying a home together without the relative stability of a marriage.

Injuries, medical bills and bankruptcy

You have tried to be smart with your money. You don't rack up huge amounts of debt that you can't afford. However, bankruptcy could still be in your future.

After all, financial experts note that many bankruptcy filings actually stem from medical bills. You get injured in a car accident and find yourself in massive debt. It's not a financial mistake in the same sense as credit card debt, but it still drives you into financial problems that you can't avoid. Some studies have claimed that medical bills contribute to as much as 66 percent of bankruptcy cases.

2 questions about car accidents

Imagine you were driving your daughter to school one morning when a drunk driver slammed into the side of your vehicle. Fortunately, your daughter wasn't hurt, but you suffered a broken femur that has required extensive and costly medical treatments. You suspect that you have a viable personal injury claim to pursue, but you have a lot of questions.

Here are two questions someone in this situation might have:

Buying your first home: 10 critical tips

You've never owned a home before, but you've always dreamed of it while renting an apartment. You want somewhere that you can really think of as your own. And now you think it's finally time to take that next step.

Don't take it lightly. This is a big decision. Below are 10 important tips that you want to keep in mind:

  1. You don't have to take the first mortgage offer. Look into all of your options.
  2. Remember that you need to make a down payment. Start saving as soon as you can.
  3. Refrain from any potentially risky credit activity. Focus on keeping your score high.
  4. Look into your budget and the type of house you can truly afford.
  5. Remember that even small differences in mortgage rates can save you thousands or tens of thousands over the life of that loan.
  6. Look at the neighborhood, not just the house itself.
  7. If you have kids or you plan to have kids, consider the schools. You need to know how long you can live in that area.
  8. Before getting serious about a house, get a mortgage pre-approval letter. This allows you to make an offer.
  9. Go to open houses, even for homes you don't want, to learn more about what to look for.
  10. Keep your eyes open for hidden issues. For instance, does that discoloration on the ceiling mean you need to paint or does it mean you need a new roof?

Convictions don't stop many drunk drivers

Do you think that drunk drivers take those risks because they don't think they'll get caught? Do you assume that getting arrested and convicted would make them think about things in a new light and refuse to drive under the influence in the future?

In a perfect world, the system would work. Unfortunately, for many drivers, it simply does not.

Learn two little-known ways to avoid a car accident

There are numerous suggestions on how to prevent a car crash. Do a quick search on the internet, however, and you'll likely hear the same advice over and over again. That being said, you will be harder pressed to find these tips -- although they could save your life while you are driving your car in Virginia Beach traffic.

Don't angle your side-view mirrors in toward your car.

Can parents prevent teen drunk driving?

Young teen drivers lack experience behind the wheel, which can increase their chances of being involved in a car accident. If they drink and drive, they become even more dangerous. They may become drowsy, unable to concentrate, prone to poor decisions and ultimately unable to control their vehicle.

What can parents do to prevent drunk driving by teenage children? Teen drinking is a reality, whether parents like it or not. What should they say to keep their kids off the roads if they've been drinking?

Police officer in Virginia hit by car

The roads in Virginia have been a bit slick lately, in the early part of winter, and it shows. It's led to accidents all over the state, and the authorities are now reminding people to drive more carefully until things clear up again. It's a good mindset for them to carry all the way until spring, not just when snow is falling.

In one recent case, the State Police Department got a call about an accident and a trooper went to the crash scene. He got out of his car to assess the situation.

Tips for increasing visibility while riding a motorcycle

Imagine you're traveling down the road in a big red semitruck at 70 mph. Everyone is going to see you coming, and if they're in your way, they'll probably get out of it as quickly as possible. Now imagine you're traveling down the same road, at the same speed, on a motorcycle. You're tiny compared to the big rig and less likely to be seen. This lack of visibility makes motorcyclists more likely to get struck by motorists who don't see them.

To increase your chances of not getting into a serious collision on a motorcycle, there are many things you can do -- and becoming more visible is one of the most important. Here are a few tips that will make you more visible on the road:

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