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What should you do if you think another driver is drunk?

You're driving home from the late shift at work when you spot a car driving erratically. It keeps speeding up, slowing down and swerving from one side of the lane to the other.

You quickly determine that the driver is likely drunk. What should you do now? You know that drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, and you worry that someone could get injured or killed.

5 key issues to consider during a home inspection

When you're considering buying a home, you need to make sure that your offer is contingent on the home passing an inspection. If you find issues, you can then offer a lower amount, ask the homeowner to make the repairs or back out of the deal entirely. This clause is very important.

As you go through a home inspection, here are a few key issues to consider:

  1. The roof: Sources claim that a full 39 percent of insurance claims put in by homeowners come from roofing issues. Find out when it was last replaced and check for water damage.
  2. Heating and cooling: A furnace or AC unit replacement can be incredibly costly, so make sure everything runs smoothly.
  3. The foundation: An issue with the foundation can impact the structural integrity of the home. It can be very expensive to fix. A thorough inspection is a must.
  4. Lead paint: The main place to check is the windows. This is where lead paint is often exposed and most dangerous, since it can flake off when the windows are opened and closed. Lead is not healthy for anyone, but it is especially dangerous for young children.
  5. Asbestos: Like lead paint, asbestos is no longer used in homes, but it may still exist in many older homes. If found, it needs to be removed, as it can lead to a deadly type of cancer known as mesothelioma.

Prevent and avoid these causes of red light accidents

Red lights mean "STOP" but many Virginia motorists are seeing more and more drivers ignoring this important rule. What are the reasons that someone would drive through a red light? Here are the main reasons for a red-light-running crash:

The driver was drunk or intoxicated: Drunk and intoxicated drivers are more distracted and less aware of the environment around them. It's easy for an intoxicated driver to miss the fact that a light went from green to yellow, to red. In the space of a just a few seconds, a light can turn red and perpendicular traffic will begin crossing through the intersection at full speed. If a driver fails to notice this due to being intoxicated and drives into the path of a full-speed car, it usually results in a catastrophic accident.

Are road signs too distracting?

Obviously, traffic controls are necessary to keep drivers safe. However, some experts do complain that road signs themselves can be a distraction, and that can lead to accidents.

Most of the time, when you think about driver distractions, you think about the radio, people talking in the car, cellphone use or something else of this nature. But what if the very signs designed to tell you how to drive safely end up pulling your eyes off of the road? After all, anything that makes you look away from the traffic around you is a distraction.

Why do cities give out zoning variances?

Before buying a property, make sure you consider the zoning in the area. Never assume you can just use the property as you please, simply because you own it. Zoning governs land use and must be followed.

For instance, if you buy a house to use as a business, you need to make sure it is in a place that is zoned for commercial use. If it is in a residential zone, you cannot run a business out of it.

Are you being as safe as possible on your motorcycle?

Everyone who's ever driven a motorcycle knows how thrilling and potentially dangerous these marvelous two-wheeled vehicles can be. This gives motorcyclists a unique sense for how important safety is when they take to the road. Not only do they need to be careful not to make any errors themselves, but they also have to keep their eyes peeled for negligent vehicle drivers who might not be paying attention to the road.

One important thing that every motorcyclist needs to do to stay safe involves keeping their bikes in good repair. In this respect, bikers should do a pre-ride check before they use their bikes and take them in for maintenance on a regular basis.

After deadly accident in Virginia Beach, driver faces DWI charges

A deadly accident in Virginia Beach has led to DWI charges for a driver from out of state.

Reports indicate that calls to the police first started coming in just prior to 10 p.m., on Sunday, June 3. Those calls said that two cars had collided on North Great Neck Road, down in the 1700 block.

What should you look for in a building inspection?

If you're buying a home or a commercial space, you typically want to work into the contract that you will only buy the property at the listed offer if it passes a home inspection.

This way, if the inspection is disastrous, you can just back out of the deal without any complications. If you find issues with the building but you still want to buy, you may be able to make another offer, lowering the amount to account for the repairs you will need to make.

What are the most common car accidents?

It's hard to believe, but approximately 2 million people lose their lives because of auto accidents each year. These crashes are all different in the way they happen, but the vast majority of them can fall into a handful of categories.

Here are the most common types of car accidents that motorists and their passengers could experience:

  • Rear-end crashes: With the rise of smartphones, rear-end car crashes are more prevalent than ever. In most of these cases, it's a sign that the rearward driver was doing something wrong, like tailgating, speeding or being distracted from paying attention to the road ahead.
  • T-bone accidents: The t-bone collision is extremely dangerous because it involves one car crashing into the side of another car. In these accidents, drivers and passengers can get crushed by the t-boning car. They often happen at intersections and when cars are pulling out into traffic or making left turns across traffic.
  • Single car accidents: Single car accidents are usually the fault of the driver of the car that gets into the crash. The driver might be drunk, take a turn too quickly, hydroplane on a patch of water or lose control after hitting some ice. It's also possible that the driver was distracted and not paying attention to the road.
  • Fender-benders: These are the mildest form of accident, but they're the most common and -- in rare instances -- they can cause serious injuries at low speeds. In most cases, though, the people involved in these crashes survive without injury.

What rights do you have with an easement?

When buying real estate, it is very important to find out if anyone else has an easement that goes with the land. Typically, the easement is going to stay with the property, even through a sale, so you may have to honor it even though you had nothing to do with the initial agreement.

An easement is often referred to as a "nonpossessory property interest." This just means that the person who benefits from it does not own the property and cannot claim to possess it in any way, but that he or she is still allowed to use it without obstruction. Even the property owner cannot stop this agreed-upon use. Likewise, the person who holds the easement cannot stop others from also using the land, unless the way they are doing it interferes with that use.

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