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Comprehensive Real Estate Advocacy From Contract Preparation To Real Estate Closings

If you are purchasing or selling property or considering a refinance of your existing property, we strive to make it a pleasant experience by providing comprehensive and quality legal representation at The Dickerson & Smith Law Group. Our goal is to personally respond to all your requests in a timely manner.

Our practice covers all types of real estate transactions, including standard closings, construction loan closings, buyer and seller representation, contract preparation and consultation, and title insurance.

Purchases: The Process Simplified

Once you have selected our firm to handle your closing, we will obtain a copy of the contract (usually from your agent), and obtain contact information for your mortgage company and home insurance company. Shortly before the closing date, we will assemble the final settlement figures and inform you of the amount of funds needed for closing (typically 24 to 48 hours prior to closing). Once your final walk-through of the property is complete and no changes in the condition of the property are verified, we will conduct your closing.

Throughout the closing process, The Dickerson & Smith Law Group will:

  • Provide an examination of the title and provide advice concerning the marketability and insurability
  • Obtain loan documentation from the lender and work with the lender concerning the closing
  • Execute the provisions of the lending documentation
  • Review closing documents and conduct and oversee the closing
  • Arrange for the purchase of the appropriate title insurance
  • Verify the recording of the proper documentation with the appropriate court
  • Ensure payment of all closing costs
  • Return your telephone calls throughout the closing process
  • Work to resolve disputes

Sale Of Your Property

If you are selling your property or even just considering it, the following can help familiarize you with the basic process and terminology.

Once you have a negotiated and executed a contract to sell, there are several important processes in completing the sale. First, the purchaser will usually want to have a home inspection and present you with items to be fixed. Once you have negotiated the items you agree to correct, you will need to get those items repaired or otherwise agree on some monetary credit for the buyer. Next, usually within 30 days of your closing date, you will need to have a termite company inspect the property and issue a report. If there are any termites or damage from termites, you must have that corrected if the contract requires it. As closing approaches, your attorney in our firm will review the title report on the property. If any title problems exist, we will help you in making the necessary corrections to convey clear and marketable title to the new purchaser. An attorney will prepare the deed and other legal documents to be signed by you and will arrange an appointment with you to close the sale. Finally, we will review the HUD statement (closing figures) with you, making sure that the closing proceeds promptly and thereafter dispersing proceeds from the sale in a timely manner as required by law.

For Sale By Owner

If you are buying or selling a property without an agent, we can assist in assuring that all of the contract details are properly reviewed and make necessary recommendations to ensure that you are able to close quickly and easily.

If you are selling your own real estate, we can assist in preparing the formal real estate purchase agreement and help you each step of the way through the process. In addition, if you are a buyer, we can provide contract review and other services to be sure your legal needs are met.


Our attorney fees are competitive. We also offer special rates to repeat clients. We will be happy to provide you with our fee sheet for settlements, title search and other fees upon request.

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