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When we begin a criminal defense case, we talk to the client and get all of the facts. We also investigate the incident. We will consider all possible defenses. If there is no workable defense strategy, we will discuss how to get the best results or plea possible. The Dickerson & Smith Law Group provides defense representation to Virginia residents and people from out of state who were arrested in Virginia. Please call 757-828-0031 or 800-506-8133 to speak with our Virginia Beach criminal law lawyers or arrange an appointment.

State And Federal Criminal Defense

Our attorneys are experienced with state and federal criminal defense. Many people do not realize that crimes committed on federal property are charged as federal crimes. If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI or trespassing on federal property, those will be federal charges. The rules and procedures in federal court are different from state court, so be certain your lawyer has federal defense experience. We can defend you against a wide range of charges, including:

We also handle juvenile crimes, including shoplifting, underage drinking, assault, vandalism, driving without a license and other charges. Having a criminal record can damage a child’s future, so it is important to obtain experienced representation as soon as possible. Our firm provides representation for members of the military as well. Because a criminal conviction can have a negative impact on your military career, including the loss of your pension and a dishonorable discharge, aggressive representation is critical to protect your rights.

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