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General Motors recalls more vehicles to prevent personal injury

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Yet another series of motor vehicle recalls has been announced, and it is probably no surprise that General Motors has issued the notice. Indeed, considering that GM has already issued 34 different recalls this year, affecting 15.9 million automobiles worldwide, it seems that the automaker may have even more recalls in store before the end of 2014. In this most recent announcement, the automaker has asked car owners in Virginia and elsewhere to bring in 83,126 vehicles more for repairs in its efforts to avoid the threat of a serious car accident and personal injury.

Three of the latest recalls relate to airbag issues. One of the airbag-related recalls has to do with 57,512 vehicles, including different models of GMC Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban and Silverado. These automobiles might have problems with audible alarms that sound when the key has been put into the ignition and the driver’s side door has opened. They might also have problems with seat belt alarms that are supposed to sound when the front passenger fails to buckle his or her seat belt properly. Vehicles that have these kinds of defects are not in compliance with vehicle safety standards.

Another recall includes 31,520 Chevy Cameros, Buick Veranoes, Sonics and Cruzes. These cars might have an issue relating to the airbags, and at least one personal injury has been reported that may have stemmed from the defect. Additional recalls relating to airbag deployment affect Buick Encores and Chevy Sparks; however, the automaker has yet to state how many of these cars require repairs. Thirty-three more Chevy Corvettes from model year 2014 have also been marked for recall repairs relating to their airbags.

Considering that General Motors has recalled millions of vehicles worldwide, it may be disconcerting for Virginia drivers to know that statistics show many of these defective and dangerous automobiles will never be repaired. Indeed, American drivers will continue to share the road with unrepaired ignition switch defects, and some drivers may even be endangering themselves by unknowingly driving a defective General Motors vehicle.

Automobile owners may wish to contact their local dealership to determine if any relevant recalls apply to their vehicle. At the end of the day, though, if an accident or personal injury is caused by an auto defect, the automaker might be liable for the financial damages that arise from the incident.

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