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DUI charges after car crash involving fatal and serious injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

A Virginia man faces DUI and manslaughter charges after being involved in a fatal accident with a sport utility vehicle. Allegedly, the man hit the sport utility vehicle with his car in Woodbridge, after running a red light on a recent Sunday morning.

Authorities believe that the alleged hit-and-run accident occurred because the diver failed to stop at a red traffic light. After entering the intersection, he collided with a Ford Explorer, which had been making a left turn on a green light at the time. Two passengers in the Ford Explorer, children who were both 13 years of age, were not wearing seatbelts in the back of the Ford. The force of the crash caused both of them to be ejected from the vehicle.

All four passengers in the Ford — including the 13-year-olds, a 19-year-old passenger and the 46-year-old driver — were rushed to the hospital following the incident. Tragically, one 13-year-old girl did not make it. The others survived, though, including the driver of the first vehicle.

Police say that the driver who allegedly caused the crash escaped the accident scene, but authorities located him not far away. He has since been charged with DUI-related manslaughter, driving under the influence, felony-level hit-and-run, unreasonable refusal and driving with a suspended license.

Individuals who suffer serious injuries in drunk driving accidents — due to no fault of their own — may have viable personal injury claims to recoup the costs associated with their medical care. They may also be able to pursue money for pain and suffering, lawyer costs and other types of damages. These kinds of claims are pursued in Virginia civil court, meaning that that they will be handled separately and independently from any DUI accident charges brought against the defendant in criminal court. Nevertheless, evidence from the defendant’s criminal proceedings may prove to be highly relevant during the litigation of such cases.

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