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Virginia police out in force this Fourth of July weekend

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Fourth of July brings the busiest travel weekend of summer. As such, the Virginia State Police are out in force as a part of “Operation CARE,” seeking to reduce motor vehicle accident fatalities by aggressively enforcing the state’s traffic laws. Hopefully, they will succeed in their efforts considering that Fourth of July weekend is one of the most dangerous holidays for drunk driving deaths.

Virginia police officers also put themselves in danger of being hurt in a motor vehicle accident while they are patrolling our roads. For this reason, authorities are asking Virginia drivers to follow our state’s “Move Over” law this weekend, which requires drivers to yield to patrol cars. Last year, 46 police officers were killed nationally in the line of duty because of traffic accidents. Eleven of those officers were hit by motor vehicles while they were standing outside their patrol cars.

AAA reports that last year, the Virginia State Police arrested 104 people for DUI violations and issued 11,350 speeding tickets. They also issued 1,300 seat belt citations. The good news is that their efforts appear to be working. Traffic accident deaths are declining on Virginia roads.

Still, the threat of being involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident is real and many Virginia families have lost a loved one due to an unlawful drunk driver. Some of these families could have strong claims for restitution if they wish to pursue a wrongful death action in court. While no amount of financial restitution or legal proceedings could ever right such a horrible wrong, the process of going through with a wrongful death action can be a way for family members to obtain some level of closure with regard to the unfortunate event.

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