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Common motorcycle accidents in Virginia

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

Few motorcycle riders will tell you that riding a bike is safe. However, the smartest ones will tell you that a biker who takes precautions and is skilled at defensive driving, will be dramatically less likely to get into a crash and suffer personal injury. What, then, are some of the more common types of Virginia Beach City motorcycle crashes and how do you avoid them?

One of the most frequent ways motorcyclists get into trouble is when a car going the opposite direction decides to make a left turn across traffic right in front of them. This happens if a car does not see you or misjudges your speed. There are a lot of reasons why a car driver could become too distracted to notice a motorcyclist like this. The best way to avoid this kind of a crash is to see it coming ahead of time. Always watch the traffic ahead of you to see if there are any cars waiting to turn. Check if there’s a gap in traffic at an intersection where a turning car might pass through, a parking lot or a driveway. Always be prepared to slowdown, apply your brakes and take evasive action.

Another common type of accident happens at a turn when a biker hits a patch of gravel, leaves or sand. The tire slides out from under you and you wipe out. To avoid this kind of accident, it is important that motorcyclists travel at a pace that they have enough time to react. Always enter corners wide and slowly. Once you have seen all the dangers, you can speed up again on the way out of the corner.

There are other common motorcycle accidents that bikers can avoid through a liberal application of common sense and safe driving practices. An ounce of prevention is worth about a thousand pounds of cure when it comes to motorcycle accident injuries. However, in the event that a Virginia City Beach motorcyclist is hurt due to the fault of another driver, he or she may be able to pursue financial restitution in court depending on the facts relating to the accident.

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