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Virginia high school students learn about DUI car accident risks

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

Education is key when it comes to distracted driving and DUI accident prevention. That is why one Virginia high school and local firefighters are making a concerted effort to inform students about the risks associated with texting and driving and driving while inebriated.

Last Tuesday, area firefighters made a presentation to students at East Rockingham High School in order to teach them how dangerous driving while drunk and/or distracted can be. They allowed students to don “drunk goggles” that simulate the vision problems experienced by inebriated drivers. They also invited them to try out a “texting while driving car” and they subjected them to mock field sobriety tests.

Even though some of the students who participated in the presentation had not obtained their learners’ permits, the simulators will likely make an impression and help them practice safe driving when they eventually take to the roads. One freshman high school student regurgitated some of the lessons she learned in the presentation. She said that if she keeps her phone in the car’s cup holder, does not text or answer calls, and pulls over in order to take a call, it will help her avoid getting into an accident.

Distracted and drunk drivers cause death and injury on Virginia roads virtually every single day of the week. Those who suffer injury in such accidents due to no fault of their own — whether they are passengers or other drivers — may have strong claims for financial restitution under the law. Indeed, through the successful navigation of a personal injury lawsuit, injured parties may be able to obtain compensation to cover their medical expenses, money for permanent and temporary disabilities, compensation for pain and suffering and other damages.

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