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Fatal injuries from motorcycle defects

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2015 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

Just like automobiles, motorcycles can be defective, and it is not uncommon for those defects to be extremely dangerous. For this reason, whenever a motorcycle is recalled, the owner should take his bike to be serviced immediately to avoid catastrophic or fatal injuries in an accident.

Safety-related recalls for motorcycles usually happen after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified a problem. They also happen at the behest of a responsible motorcycle manufacturer that identifies a potential problem. When a defective motorcycle is recalled in a timely fashion — as soon as the defect has been identified — it can save a lot of lives. If the manufacturer delays a recall or does not institute one out of negligence or deceit, the consequences can be nothing short of catastrophic.

Indeed, motorcycle makers must let their customers know about recalls that affect their motorcycles. This applies to the manufacturers of motorcycle componentry as well. As soon as a defect has been identified, then motorcycle and parts manufacturers must begin the often painstaking process of tracking down owners to make sure they know about the problem and get it fixed. Although this process is tedious, it saves lives.

When a negligent motorcycle manufacturer or parts manufacturer creates a dangerous and defective part or motorcycle, the manufacturer may be liable for injuries and deaths that are caused by the defect — especially if the injury or death occurs before any recalls were instituted. Every motorcycle defect case in Virginia Beach is different, but if you have been injured or your family member has suffered fatal injuries due to such a defect, you may want to contact a personal injury attorney to evaluate the merits of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit regarding the incident.

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