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What is distracted driving in Virginia Beach?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Technically, distracted driving is anything that you do that takes your eyes off of the road or splits your attention between driving your car and the other task. It can be simple multitasking that people do every day, like changing the station on the radio, or it can be more complex things like trying to use a mobile device.

The most common example of distracted driving is definitely texting and driving. There has been a real movement to stop this lately, which has resulted in the creation of government websites and laws to try to combat it. Though this is the most common, it is not the only thing that counts.

Many of the things that could distract you from the road may be things that you do often, without giving them a second thought. For example, have you ever swung through a drive-thru so that you could get a hamburger and eat on the road? Eating while you drive is also distracted driving. Have you ever tried to change the route on your GPS system without stopping, rather than letting it adjust itself? If so, this also counts as distracted driving.

Even if you haven’t done these things in Virginia, you need to be aware of them, because they could still have a drastic impact on your life. Every year, there are car accidents that are caused by distracted driving, and you could be injured in one of those crashes. If you are, you may end up facing medical bills and many other expenses, so it is important to know that you may have a right to seek compensation.

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