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Fatal trucking accident claims the life of Virginia truck driver

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

Semi-truck accidents happen frequently across the United States and in the state of Virginia. Drivers are often overworked, sleep deprived and in some cases, they take various controlled substances to artificially stay alert on the roadway. Because of the immense size of tractor-trailers, semi-truck accidents often cause catastrophic damages to the drivers of smaller automobiles with whom they share the roadway.

Whenever an injurious or fatal semi-truck accident happens, it is important to evaluate the truck driver’s work logs over the days preceding the crash. If the driver logged too many hours and was forced to drive without sufficient rest by his or her trucking company, the company and the driver could be liable for costs relating to the damages and injuries stemming from the truck accident.

There many other ways that semi-truck drivers and their employers could be liable for an accident. For example, a trucking company might have been negligent in failing to properly maintain the trucker’s vehicle. Investigations might reveal a dangerous mechanical braking problem that was left unchecked, issues with wheels, tires and axels or some other problem that was ignored.

Alternatively, the truck driver might have tested positive for a controlled substance or alcohol that would have affected his or her ability to operate the semi-truck. The driver may have been distracted by a cellphone, or he or she might have been speeding or disobeying some other traffic law.

When evaluating a potential claim for damages in a trucking accident, the Dickerson & Smith Law Group leaves no stone unturned. In some cases, we employ accident reconstruction expert witnesses to evaluate evidence and illustrate exactly what happened in a particular crash, which is sometimes vital to resolving a case.