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2 vital motor vehicle accident prevention tips

On Behalf of | May 14, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Driving defensively, following the speed limit and keeping your eyes on the road are three things that almost every Virginia resident tries to do while operating his or her motor vehicle. However, there are two other common sense pieces of advice that a lot of people fail to follow. If Virginia residents did these two things, hundreds, if not thousands, of motor vehicle accident injuries and deaths could be prevented each year.

First, never drive your car while buzzed on alcohol. Refraining from intoxicated driving is an obvious piece of advice, but the problem is a lot of people focus on legal limits and the question of whether or not they happen to be too drunk to drive at a particular moment. This is an issue because people who have been drinking — drunk people — are the worst at evaluating whether they are capable of safely driving. That said, if you are feeling the effects of alcohol in any way, you will know it. Making the decision ahead of time to never drive while feeling buzzed will help avoid numerous accidents each year. It will also keep you from being arrested for DUI.

Second, you have to make the decision not to use your smartphone while driving. Keep these electronic distractors far away from you while you are driving and you will keep yourself and your passengers safer. Distracted driving from cellphone use has caused so many accidents in recent years, that it is sad to think of the unnecessary lives that have been lost. Your boss, your friends and your Facebook can wait. Pull over on the side of the road or call them after you have reached your destination and you will be doing your part to save lives.

It is important to follow the above two rules, but it is also important to remember that not all Virginia drivers will adhere to the advice. Rest assured, however, that drivers who negligently drive while drunk and/or negligently drive while using a cellphone can be held liable for the property damages, injuries and deaths they cause.

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