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What are the most common injuries in a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Most of the car accidents that happen in Los Angeles do no result in a single injury, and the drivers and passengers walk away unharmed. However, some of these accidents are injurious or deadly, and these are the kinds of accidents personal injury attorneys are the most familiar with. Although a car accident can cause virtually any kind of serious wound, most car accident injuries fall under the following categories: 1) neck and chest wounds and 2) back and head wounds.

Head and back injuries are perhaps the most common car accident injuries. They are also the most dangerous because they can lead to paralysis and other disabilities. In spinal cord injuries, paralysis can result, depending where and how severe the damage was. With head injuries, victims could suffer from coma, loss of fine motor control, cognitive deficiencies, sight problems and other issues.

In terms of chest and neck injuries, these are also quite common in a car accident. The most famous neck injury in a car crash is, of course, whiplash. This happens at impact when the head and neck are strained, which can cause ligament damage. Among the most common chest injuries are collapsed lungs and broken ribs. These can make it difficult — if not impossible — for the injured person to breath so it is important to get treatment for chest injuries immediately.

No matter what kind of injuries result from a Virginia Beach car accident, it is vital that those involved in the crash seek medical assistance for their injuries immediately following the crash. Not only will this be essential for the accident victim’s, but the medical records could be vital in the pursuit of any civil court claims for financial damages that could develop from the crash.

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