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10 percent of fatal accidents involve large trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

You’ve probably heard people in Virginia Beach talk about the high fatality rates in car accidents and the overall danger that driving poses—especially when compared to flying. However, did you know how big of a role large trucks play in these accidents? The stats show that 10 percent of all of the deadly accidents in the United States involve these vehicles.

Typically, this means semi-trucks that are driven by professional drivers are involved. However, some vehicles that anyone can drive, like box trucks and moving trucks, could also be included in these statistics.

In the majority of the deadly accidents with these huge vehicles, passengers and drivers in other vehicles are the ones who are killed. The big trucks have so much mass and weight behind them that truck drivers may not even be injured, while smaller vehicles can be utterly destroyed.

The height of these trucks also plays a big role. Someone driving a convertible or another small car could be pushed almost all the way under the truck. This means the vehicle’s frame doesn’t absorb the impact like it would with two vehicles of the same size, putting the people in the lower vehicle at risk as the passenger compartment takes the brunt of the impact.

Many factors lead to truck accidents, but two of the biggest ones are driver fatigue, which often happens when drivers break the rules and regulations for how long they can work, and issues with braking systems.

If you’ve lost a loved one or been seriously injured in a truck accident, make sure you know your rights to compensation.

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