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Rise in drunk driving over Thanksgiving weekend

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

It looks like a lot of drivers enjoyed more than just turkey over the Thanksgiving holiday. Increased alcohol consumption and parties led to more people driving while intoxicated last weekend, police say. Virginia State troopers report that six people lost their lives due to drunk driving during a five day period over the Thanksgiving holiday. Troopers also say that they arrested over 100 inebriated drivers.

In total, troopers arrested 145 drunk drivers over the weekend. That is 54 more than they arrested last Thanksgiving. Considering that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drunk driving causes approximately 33 percent of roadway fatalities nationwide, and considering that the amount of drunk drivers police catch is just a fraction of the amount on the road, this spike in drunk drivers is not a good sign.

According to one Virginia police sergeant, police are trying to get the number of drunk driving-related deaths reduced to zero, and they are especially diligent in their enforcement efforts over holiday weekends. From Wednesday to Sunday, troopers increased patrols, and they said that they will continue to aggressively enforce drunk driving laws throughout the holiday season.

The police sergeant also pleaded with drivers to stay attentive while driving, put down cellphones, and pay attention with eyes ahead. The sergeant also encouraged everyone — including non-drivers — to take vital safety precautions such as using seatbelts.

Virginia drivers and passengers who are injured by drunk drivers will have strong claims for financial restitution in civil court. Although no amount of litigation will reverse the wrong of being hurt by an unlawful driver, these kinds of claims can be an essential part of paying for medical care to recover from injuries and paying for other damages caused by an accident.

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