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Could this new technology help curb texting while driving?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

If a breathalyzer device can detect whether a Michigan driver is drunk or not, what does a Textalyzer do? The Textalizer is a new technology being developed by an Israeli technology firm. The technology firm says that the invention will revolutionize the way police determine if a driver has been texting leading up to a car crash.

When police determine that a driver was distracted, and this led to a car crash, they will hit the driver with a distracted driving citation. If such a citation is combined with a fatal or injury-causing crash, and the driver is convicted of the offense, he or she could end up spending an extended amount of time in jail. Furthermore, evidence from the legal proceedings relating to the criminal case can be used by plaintiffs who wish to pursue financial claims against the distracted driver in civil court.

The problem is, in order to enforce the law in this regard, police need to be able to prove that texting while driving occurred. This is where the Texatalizer comes in. The device is intended to provide irrefutable evidence that a driver was operating his or her smartphone at the exact moment a distracted driving accident occurred. Clearly, this type of evidence would be invaluable to both plaintiffs and prosecutors following a distracted driving accident caused by cell phone use.

As it stands, many Michigan car crashes happen as a result of texting while driving, but the offending texter never admits to having committed the offense and police never suspect that such wrongdoing occurred. If you have been injured in a serious car crash, and it is not clear how or why the car crash happened, it may be important to investigate whether the at-fault driver was using his or cellphone when the collision happened. At this time, the best way to determine this is to demand the cellphone data of the at-fault driver during the litigation of a personal injury claim.

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