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2 big dangers that motorcyclists face

On Behalf of | May 25, 2016 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

Most Virginia Beach motorcyclists acknowledge that they are engaged in a dangerous activity when they take to the roads. It is obvious that a motorcyclist is less protected from roadway dangers than a vehicle driver. They do not have airbags, a heavy steel frame, seat belts or other safety features to protect them. For that reason, all motorcyclists should consider the common dangers they face in order to help keep themselves as safe as possible.

First, a huge threat to motorcyclists is oncoming traffic. Because car drivers are more protected, they are more likely to engage in distracting activities like texting while driving, eating or talking to friends riding in the car with them. This could result in the driver not seeing a motorcyclist who is right in front of him or her, potentially causing a serious and deadly collision with the motorcyclist. As such, motorcyclists need to really pay attention to the traffic around them and realize that not all motorist will see them.

Second, cars waiting to turn are probably the most dangerous roadway hazard. In fact, most motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. Since so many cars don’t see motorcyclists, they are liable to pull right out in front of one and cause a serious accident. Motorcyclists who keep their eyes peeled at intersections, and who are ready to take evasive action instantly, are less likely to get into a crash.

Clearly, there is more that motorcyclists should be aware of to avoid car crashes, but focusing on these top two is a good start. Motorcyclists who are injured should further remember that they might have legal strategies available to pursue financial compensation relating to their injuries.

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