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Road hazards, speed wobble and visibility concerns for bikers

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

There is only so much that a motorcyclist can do to prevent getting into a serious car accident, but if he or she is careful, a lot of fatal scenarios can be avoided. In our continued efforts to educate motorcyclists on potential dangers to avoid, this article will cover three dangers that motorcyclists need to be aware of.

First, car drivers are less likely to see motorcyclists. Since they are smaller than all other vehicles on the road (except for bicycles), they are much more difficult to see and more likely to be obscured by other cars and bad weather conditions. Motorcyclists need to be aware of this visibility problem and be especially careful at intersections and when they are passing or being passed by other cars.

Second, motorcyclists need to be careful of seemingly innocent road hazards. A pothole, which might break the axle or cause a minor irritation for people inside the car, is a deadly hazard for motorcyclists. Even a small pothole, a patch of sand or ice or another minor obstacle could send a motorcyclist flying out of control and cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. Therefore, motorcyclists need to scan the road in front of them like a hawk and avoid old and damaged roads when riding their bikes.

Third, motorcyclists should be careful of speed wobble. This happens at high speeds on a motorcycle, especially if the tires of the bike are misaligned. Therefore, at the slightest sign of a wobble, motorcyclists should immediately take their bikes to a professional mechanic to be repaired. This is a serious problem that has resulted in numerous unnecessary accidents and injuries.

Virginia Beach motorcyclists who get into an accident and suffer injuries as a result of the above scenarios may have viable cases to pursue damages in civil court. Therefore, it may be warranted to speak with a personal attorney about a motorcycle accident in the event of a serious injury.

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