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Watch for these drunk driver indicators

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2016 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

Most car accidents seem to come from nowhere, taking both drivers and passengers by complete surprise. While it can be difficult to spot the risk of an ordinary car accident, motorists might be able to see the warning signs of a potential drunk driving accident ahead of time. With quick action, it may even be possible to avoid the drunk driver, sparing both you and your passengers from injury or death.

Experts on drunk driving say that there are several indicators that may point to a possible drunk driver. This awareness combined with attention to detail and focusing on one’s surroundings may just save your life if you encounter such a driver on the roads of Virginia Beach.

Typically, intoxicated motorists display several erratic behaviors while driving. Examples of such behaviors include:

— Driving against oncoming traffic

— Drifting into and out of lanes

— Weaving back and forth across the road

— Quickly accelerating or decelerating

— Straddling the center line

— Driving well below the posted speed limit

— Making illegal or abrupt turns

— Nearly striking cars, curbs or other objects

— Driving at night without headlights

If you encounter a motorist who is exhibiting any of these behaviors, be on guard. Try to fall back or otherwise stay clear of the driver. If possible, pull your car over and call the authorities, being sure to note the car’s license plate number as well as other details that can help the police identify the automobile.

If you have already been injured in a drunk driving accident, we urge you to study the information published on our website. Our Virginia Beach injury attorneys may be able to assist you with a legal claim against the other motorist.