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Tires, treadwear and car accident prevention

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Tires are certainly not pretty, and some of them are extremely expensive; however, a good set of tires can save lives. In fact, having a great set of tires could prevent drivers from getting in a host of different kinds of accidents. Virginia Beach motorists will therefore want to pay attention to the condition of their tires and look closely at treadwear when doing so.

The level of tread on your tires is important for determining how well water and mud get moved away so that the tire is making full contact with the ground and can stop your vehicle quickly. Tire tread is also important for gripping the roadway in icy, sandy, greasy, and dusty conditions. When tire tread gets worn down, and tires get bald, it can result in accidents. Therefore, drivers should go get their tires checked out by a reputable service technician to ensure they are safe whenever they notice their tread is getting lower.

Consumer reports found that people shopping for vehicle tires are usually concerned primarily with price, treadwear, and availability. Customers were dependent on information from government quality reports to determine treadwear ratings — or they could rely on mileage warranty claims by the tire makers when available.

Consumer Reports released a study last year looking at car tires and treadwear performance. What they found was that nearly half of the 47 all-season tires they tested lasted at least 65,000 miles. Half a dozen of those tires even lasted over 85,000 miles. Interestingly enough, the tires that lasted the longest did not necessarily cost more.

Virginia motorists are advised to replace their tires when the tread is getting low and to have their tires checked on a regular basis. Also, before purchasing new tires, a little bit of research can go a long way toward saving money, staying safe and choosing the best tires for a driver’s particular needs. Although people injured in car accidents can seek financial claims against negligent individuals and parties responsible for their injuries, a good set of tires could prevent them from getting injured in an accident in the first place.

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