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1 pedestrian killed in Virginia Beach auto accident

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Virginia Beach is not always the safest area for pedestrians. For that reason, both drivers and pedestrians alike must be careful at all times to avoid getting into an accident or injury. That means obeying traffic laws, staying attentive and using common sense. Still, no matter how carefully we comport ourselves, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, serious injuries and death can happen to anyone.

In one such case, police in Virginia Beach reported that a teenager died from injuries suffered in a pedestrian crash earlier this week. The teen was struck by a vehicle on a recent Saturday causing him to suffer fatal injuries.

The crash happened at approximately 7:17 a.m., and officers reported to the crash site soon after. Emergency responders rushed the teenage victim — who was aged 14 to 17 according to police — to the hospital. A little after 12:30 p.m., authorities revealed that the young man had died.

The driver who struck the pedestrian stayed at the accident site with officers and never attempted to leave. Evidence gathered at the crash site and the crash itself are still being investigated by authorities and the Virginia Beach Police Fatal Crash Team. Police have yet to reveal whether they plan to press charges against the driver.

Even if police do not criminally fault a driver or issue a citation for a driving offense related to a traffic crash, injured parties in a pedestrian crash may still be able to seek personal injury damages, financial restitution and other damages from the driver. A personal injury attorney can be very helpful in the process of pursuing such damages in civil court proceedings.

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