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8 people injured in Hampton Roads Transit bus crash

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

A Hampton Roads Transit bus crash injured eight people on a recent Friday along Princess Anne Road. According to police, the accident happened as a car was turning from Princess Anne Road to enter a driveway. The second vehicle slowed down behind the turning car, which caused a third car to veer out of the way.

The Hampton Roads Transit bus was also in the vicinity of the veering car and had to swerve to go around it. However, that swerving resulted in the bus hitting another car. The collision and the bus driver’s evasive maneuvers caused the bus to drive up into the yard of a home. However, the bus driver was able to avoid striking the house.

At this point, police are still determining who might be at fault for the crash and charges are pending. However, the fact that the incident resulted in eight injuries means that this group of individuals may be waiting for conclusive police evidence to support potential claims for personal injury damages.

When Virginia Beach traffic accident involves a public bus, the question of which driver is at fault is an important one. Fault will determine whether the insurance company covering the public bus and bus driver will need to pay for medical costs stemming from victims’ injuries, or whether another driver’s insurance company will be required to pay.

Even with conclusive police reports that indicate fault, however, the issues of fault and the extent of the at-fault party’s liability may need to be addressed in court proceedings. Ultimately, the results of such a case will depend on the facts surrounding the accident and the skill and experience of the personal injury and defense attorneys representing the parties.

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