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Bicycle versus car accident leaves cyclist seriously injured

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Bicyclists face many dangers when they take to the road, and those dangers far exceed the threat of crashing on their own. Perhaps the most important thing for cyclists to be aware of in this regard is the fact that numerous motorists do not keep a sufficient lookout for bicycle enthusiasts and this is a common reason for accidents. Unfortunately, when a bicyclist is struck by a motorist, the effects tend to be disastrous for the cyclist who may suffer serious and debilitating injuries.

In one such case, a bicyclist was hurt last Tuesday after he was struck by a motor vehicle along Pungo Ferry Road. Police dispatchers note that the accident happened at approximately 7:30 a.m. Following the collision, emergency responders transported the cyclist to the hospital to receive treatment. He was breathing and conscious when removed from the accident scene; however, medical personal had to put him on advanced life support as a result of his serious injuries. At this time, it is unknown what the current condition of the injured cyclist is.

The motorist and vehicle that struck the man remained at the crash scene according to police dispatchers. Later, the motor vehicle was towed away from the area.

This tragic Virginia Beach bicycle versus car accident probably could have been avoided if the vehicle driver or the cyclist had been paying better attention to the roadway around them. In this case, if it can be shown that the vehicle driver was at fault for the collision, then the injured cyclist will be able to seek financial damages and legal restitution against the driver in a civil court suit.

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