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2 dogs killed, 1 pedestrian injured in Virginia Beach car crash

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

A tragic Virginia Beach car accident claimed the lives of two dogs and injured a female pedestrian late last month. The incident happened on a Friday morning while the woman was walking her dogs. At approximately 6:59 a.m., a vehicle struck the woman and her pets while they were in a crosswalk.

The female pedestrian was struck by a Jeep Cherokee that was in the process of making a left-hand turn at the time. According to the driver of the Jeep, he did not see the woman prior to the accident. After the collision, the driver stayed at the scene and assisted the woman in taking her dogs back to her apartment close by. Tragically, neither of the dogs survived.

The woman was also injured in the crash. Following the incident, she was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation. Police have since charged the motorist driving the Jeep with reckless driving.

When it comes to Virginia Beach pedestrian accidents, if the pedestrian was reasonably following traffic laws, it is usually the case that the motorist will be faulted for the accident. The determination of fault in a pedestrian accident is particularly important for any pedestrians who suffered injury. This is because injured pedestrians may be able to use police reports that indicate fault as evidence to support financial claims for personal injury damages in civil court. In addition, if a dog is hurt in a pedestrian-related crash, in some cases, the owner of the dog may have the ability to seek financial compensation relating to the dog’s injuries.

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