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Virginia Beach motorcyclists and headlight safety

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

Virginia Beach motorcyclists need to do everything possible to avoid getting into a serious accident. This includes going to motorcycle safety courses, wearing the latest helmets and safety equipment, getting your bike regularly maintained and other necessary steps. It also means having the best headlights money can buy.

Let’s face it. Your motorcycle is much smaller than an automobile and it’s not very visible. Furthermore, if it’s like most bikes out there, it only has one primary headlight in front. As such, you want that headlight to work properly and be adjusted properly. You want the most advanced headlight system available.

High-intensity discharge lighting, also known as HID lighting, headlights are the best kind of headlight to date. An HID xenon and light-emitting diode is preferred as it will increase your visibility on the road exponentially — both during the day and during the night. Furthermore, HID lights are much brighter than halogen OE lights at night. If you want to save money on this safety-improving product, buy a lighting kit if you can find one for your model bike.

Also, consider getting a headlight modulator. This makes your headlight subtly pulse. These modulators are also available for brake lights. A pulsing headlight modulator will improve your visibility and draw attention so vehicles are more likely to notice your position.

Virginia Beach motorcyclists, no matter how much they do, cannot make themselves copmletely safe from getting into a crash — especially when a negligent driver causes a crash. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle collision that was the fault of a negligent or unlawful driver, you may be able to seek financial compensation in court for your injuries.