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What’s the worst part of driving in a car in Virginia Beach?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

What’s the worst part of being a motor vehicle driver in Virginia Beach? No, it’s not the traffic; and, no, it’s not the red lights. It’s the fact that you’re sharing the roadway with potentially negligent and unlawful drivers.

Every time you take to the roadway in Virginia Beach and other parts of the state, there are dangerous drivers on the road as well. These individuals are intoxicated by drugs and alcohol, they’re texting on cellphones, they’re doing their makeup in their rear-view mirrors, they’re adjusting the knobs on their entertainment systems and they’re yelling and screaming at children and other passengers in their cars. They’re also speeding, driving through red lights, ignoring stop signs, not paying attention to the weather and not adjusting their driving patterns to what is happening around them.

Considering all this, it’s literally a miracle that more fatal and injurious accidents don’t happen on Virginia Beach roads. Nevertheless, they do happen and — although you’re not that likely to be caught up in one, the possibility is always there.

Statistics show that fatal and injurious accidents are — in most cases — 100 percent avoidable. Had the at-fault driver been operating at a safe speed, following traffic laws, not drinking and driving, refraining from texting-while-driving or not Facebook-ing while driving, the accident and resulting fatalities or injuries never would have happened in the vast majority of cases.

If you or a family member suffered an injury — or died — as a result of a negligent or unlawful Virginia Beach driver, know that you’re well within your legal rights to seek financial justice and restitution in court. By speaking with a local personal injury attorney at the Dickerson and Smith Law Group, you can fully explore your options in this regard.