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Car accident injuries to the neck and chest

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Virtually any kind of injury can happen in a Virginia Beach car accident. You might suffer broken bones, torn ligaments, sprained ligaments, traumatic brain injuries and more. Two areas of the body, however, tend to be some of the most commonly injured: the neck and chest. Neck and chest injuries can also be extremely problematic and permanently disabling.

The most popularly known car accident injury, whiplash, involves the neck. This happens when the head and neck jerk forward suddenly. It’s caused by ligament damage and other neck muscle damage. After a whiplash injury, you could feel severe pain in the neck. Swelling and soreness at specific vertebra is also common. With severe neck injuries, an accident victim could experience vocal cord paralysis and not be able to speak.

When the chest area is injured, patients can sometimes go into immediate cardiac arrest in severe cases. The blunt force trauma of slamming against the steering wheel can result in broken ribs, collapsed lungs and other serious damages. This, in turn, can involve internal bleeding that affects the heart and lungs. Chest area damage can also extend to the internal organs, the pelvis area and stomach. Whenever a chest injury happens, it’s important that car accident victims receive the swiftest attention possible.

Whether you suffered a neck injury, a chest injury or some other kind of injury in a car accident, you might want to investigate who was potentially at fault. Once a liable party has been determined, you can then pursue financial compensation for your car accident injuries in a Virginia Beach civil court.