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2 people rushed to the hospital after vehicle drove off boat dock

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

A car accident in Virginia Beach ended in a vehicle driving off a boat dock last week. The incident happened at approximately 12:30 a.m., not far from the Virginia Aquarium boat ramp. Fortunately, a Virginia Aquarium worker was there to come to the rescue.

The Aquarium worker said that he responded to the crash when he heard the sound of someone screaming. As he approached the scene of the car accident with his flashlight, he found a man holding to the bottom of the dock, and another man floating in the water face down.

Officers soon arrived to bring the men onto the shore. They were then transported to the hospital. One of the men suffered life-threatening injuries in the incident, and at the time, it was not clear if he would survive. Authorities suspect that alcohol may have been a factor in this unfortunate incident.

After police responded and pulled both men from the water, they sent the Virginia Beach Police Dive Team to retrieve the vehicle, which they eventually removed from the water just prior to 5 a.m. The dive team could be seen in video footage working to remove the car. News reporters congratulated the aquarium worker on a job well-done. The man merely responded that he hoped someone else would do the same for him.

If police suspicions are true, and alcohol did play a role in this automotive crash, injured victims might have the ability to pursue financial claims against the driver who caused the incident. Still, more information will be required before the merits of such a personal injury claim can be fully evaluated.

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