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Have you reviewed your springtime driving safety list?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Every season brings its own set of weather conditions. The summer months bring rain and hot weather, which can create certain types of dangers for drivers, but fall and winter are even worse with their potential for snow, ice and poor visibility. Then, we have springtime when the snow begins to alternatively melt and freeze, resulting in slippery and slick driving surfaces.

If you want to avoid the dangers of springtime driving and drive in the safest way possible, make sure you’re adhering to the following springtime driving safety list:

Keep an eye out for feverish critters

When its raining outside and the roads are slick, it’s also warmer than wintertime and all the animals are coming out of hibernation. This means you could see more deer, bears and other animals on the road. Drive slower in areas where animals could be present and be ready to react.

Also look out for bicyclists, motorcyclists and walkers

With warmer weather will also come more people on bicycles, motorcycles and foot. These individuals are more difficult to see and more vulnerable to getting catastrophically hurt in a collision. Keep your eyes peeled and be careful not to hit them.

Drive slower when it’s raining and turn on your lights

Slow down and drive an appropriate speed when the roads are wet. Also, make sure that your headlights are turned on for added visibility.

Were you seriously injured because another driver failed to follow the precautions above? It’s not uncommon for distracted or negligent drivers to fail to drive in a way that reflects the roadway conditions at the time. When this happens — and someone gets hurt as a result — the negligent driver will probably be financially liable to compensate the victims for the costs associated with their medical care and other damages.

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