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How can party hosts prevent drunk driving accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

Have you ever heard someone blame a bar or restaurant for causing a drunk driving accident after overserving the driver? The reality is that many drunk drivers are not coming from bars. They’re simply coming from homes or apartments owned by friends, family members, coworkers or, if they’re in college, fellow students.

Parties happen. People drink. That does not mean that the night has to end in a serious car accident. Below are a few things hosts can do to stop these accidents before they begin:

  • Talk to guests to make sure there are enough designated drivers and that everyone has one.
  • Take everyone’s keys when they arrive at the party, just like a coat check. When people leave, visibly intoxicated drivers do not get their keys back.
  • Offer options other than beer, wine and liquor. Serve food, especially before people start drinking. It’s also wise to offer guests juice, soda, water and other nonalcoholic options.
  • Cut off alcohol long before people start to head home. Instead of having people finish their last drink and get in the car, have them finish an hour before and then spend the next hour drinking water and eating food.
  • Seek other transportation options. Be ready to call a taxi or a ride-sharing service like Uber.

Overall, hosts just need to take drunk driving seriously. Too many people only think about how they could have prevented an accident after it has already occurred.

Since that is the unfortunate reality, it is also important for those who are injured in drunk driving accidents to know all of the legal options they have. They may have a right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and the like.

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