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Do your part to prevent semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

If you’ve ever passed a commercial truck on the interstate — and you probably have many times, because they travel so slowly — then you know just how scary these behemoths are. As you pass them, you can’t help but feel a little fearful. What if the truck driver doesn’t see me? What if he falls asleep and veers into my lane? You’re correct to be fearful and cautious around these giant trucks. There’s also a few more vital things you can do to ensure you and your passengers’ safety:

Stay out of the “no zones:” Every commercial truck has blind spots that drivers need to be aware of. If you linger in a blind spot, such as on the side and to the rear of the commercial truck or directly behind it, the driver might not know you’re there. He or she could easily veer into the side of your car or back up into you. If you must enter the blind spot of a semitruck for passing reasons, do so quickly and make sure you scan ahead to make sure the driver doesn’t have any reason to change lanes. Also, never tailgate behind a semitruck.

Don’t drive too fast or make unexpected moves around a semitruck: Stay slow and predictable around a semitruck to ensure that the driver has enough time to react and maneuver around you. Remember, your car is a great deal more maneuverable than a big rig will ever hope of being.

The laws that apply to commercial trucks are extensive and complicated. In fact, the pursuit of a civil lawsuit after an injurious accident that involves a commercial truck involves a lot more moving parts and more laws and regulations than the average personal injury case. Make sure you have examined all the factors relating to your semitruck crash while determining your legal rights and options.