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Prevent and avoid these causes of red light accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Red lights mean “STOP” but many Virginia motorists are seeing more and more drivers ignoring this important rule. What are the reasons that someone would drive through a red light? Here are the main reasons for a red-light-running crash:

The driver was drunk or intoxicated: Drunk and intoxicated drivers are more distracted and less aware of the environment around them. It’s easy for an intoxicated driver to miss the fact that a light went from green to yellow, to red. In the space of a just a few seconds, a light can turn red and perpendicular traffic will begin crossing through the intersection at full speed. If a driver fails to notice this due to being intoxicated and drives into the path of a full-speed car, it usually results in a catastrophic accident.

The driver was distracted: This is probably the primary reason for any red light running collision. Drivers these days are spending more and more time looking down at their smartphones while failing to pay close enough attention to what’s going on around them. A driver might look up to discover that a green light is now red, but not have enough time to stop. Similarly, drivers looking at cellphones while parked at red lights may be confused when a car to their left starts moving with the left turn arrow, causing the driver to perilously dash into traffic.

Disregarding the law: Drivers seem to be more brazen than ever these days, and they’re more willing to disregard basic laws like stopping at red lights. Or, they’ll push the limits of the yellow light and end up in the intersection when they should be there. This is unlawful and the cause of numerous deaths.

There are many reasons for running red lights. In your case, did the driver fail to stop because he or she was purposefully ignoring the law, or was the driver simply not paying attention? If you were hurt by a red-light-runner, it’s worth looking into the exact cause of your red light crash as it could support a financial claim for damages.