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Can an auto accident cause a car fire?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

You see it all the time in the movies: A car crashes and immediately bursts into a ball of flames. It’s dramatic and intense, but is it just the way Hollywood changes things for the big screen, or can it really happen?

An auto accident can cause a car fire, although it is unlikely to be a dramatic explosion like you see on the screen. Still, it is a genuine threat and can cause serious injuries, especially when people get trapped in a vehicle.

Every accident is different, and cars are designed to protect the gas tank with crumple zones. However, the tank can be breached. Engine damage can also cause a fire. Any time flammable liquids begin to leak, there is a fire risk from the heat of the engine. When you add in heat or sparks from the crash, it is a very serious issue.

For this reason, experts suggest getting out of your vehicle after an accident. From the inside, it may not be clear that your car has caught on fire. Serious injuries and damage to the car may make it difficult or impossible to get out, putting you in more danger than the impact itself.

Have you suffered burns or other injuries in a car accident? These can lead to extensive scarring, high medical bills, permanent disfigurement and many other issues. When this happens to you, you must know all of your legal rights to seek financial compensation. It can help you cover these costs and provide for yourself and your family as you recover after the crash.