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Safe driving tip: Mirrors and turn signals are your friends

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Some drivers seem to ignore the helpful mirrors that their vehicles are equipped with. Even though most cars have a rearview mirror and two side-view mirrors, many irresponsible motorists never seem to use them. Moreover, many drivers are also failing to use their turn signals when turning and changing lanes. This is creating a dangerous situation on the road and causing numerous accidents.

When mirrors are properly adjusted and used responsibly in combination with turn signals, drivers can avoid a wide variety of accident scenarios, such as:

Lane changing crashes: Drivers who aren’t paying attention by looking through their rear and side view mirrors will have fewer chances of seeing motorists who could be in their way. When drivers don’t use their turn signals when changing lanes, drivers in blind spots will have less opportunity to honk their horns and maneuver themselves to a safe location.

Rear-end collisions: Vehicle drivers should always check their rearview mirrors before slowing down for a turn. They should also turn on their turn signals before slowing down for a turn. This will give the turning driver the ability to judge how slowly he or she needs to decelerate, and it will give any cars behind them more opportunity to slow down or maneuver out of the way.

Dart-out crashes: A vehicle that’s waiting to turn into traffic should always indicate the direction it’s turning with a turn indicator light. This prepares traffic around the vehicle regarding what to expect. When a vehicle darts out and other motorists don’t have advanced warning about where it’s headed, it’s a recipe for an accident.

Following any car accident caused by another driver’s failure to use a turn signal or mirrors, injured parties may have legal recourse to pursue compensation and justice in court.