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Common types of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2018 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

It may seem like every motorcycle accident is a random event that cannot be predicted in advance. However, the reality is that a lot of accidents follow common trends and stem from common mistakes. These are accidents you may be able to avoid.

Many crashes happen when you are riding your bike, and someone turns across your path. For instance, a pickup truck in the oncoming lane may try to turn left to enter a parking lot. The driver does not see the bike coming and turns right in front of you even though you clearly have the right of way. You slam broadside into the truck.

Other accidents happen when someone “doors” you on a city street. As you drive along next to a line of cars parked by the curb, someone who just parallel parked decides to get out of the car. They don’t check the mirror. Plus, they parked too far out into the road, protruding into the lane. They open the door, and you hit it as it swings open.

Another example, which is often impossible to avoid, is when you stop at a red light, and then someone rear-ends your bike. Maybe they don’t see the light. Maybe they just don’t see your bike. Either way, you get hit hard and without warning.

Understanding how accidents happen is the first step toward avoiding them. Awareness and defensive driving can help. When that is not enough, however, you need to know what legal options you have to seek financial compensation for your lost wages, medical bills and more.