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How important are motorcycle helmets?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Imagine you need to make a quick run to the convenience store for a jug of milk. If you decide to hop on the motorcycle and enjoy some fresh air while you make this quick and simple shopping run, don’t neglect to wear your helmet. Even a short trip like this could end in disaster if you’re involved in a crash without a helmet.

Your motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of protective equipment you own. It should be a habit to put the helmet on first before you place the key in the ignition of your bike. While it’s true that it won’t save your life in all circumstances, it will significantly reduce your chance of death, traumatic brain injury and debilitating facial injuries.

In addition to a helmet, your motorcycle safety routine should include:

  • Rider education classes
  • Nonhelmet protective gear
  • A proper license

In addition to saving your life, a helmet will also boost the comfort of riding a bike. You won’t get hit with wind blast, bugs or suffer from wind roaring through your ears if you have a helmet with a face shield. If only one biker happens to wear a helmet, and it saves his or her life in a crash, then this article has definitely served its purpose.

As for motorcyclists who follow all the appropriate safety procedures and adhere to the rules of the road but still get hurt because of a negligent motorist, the law may be on your side. Learn more about motorcycle accidents and personal injury law by visiting our website now.