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Can parents prevent teen drunk driving?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

Young teen drivers lack experience behind the wheel, which can increase their chances of being involved in a car accident. If they drink and drive, they become even more dangerous. They may become drowsy, unable to concentrate, prone to poor decisions and ultimately unable to control their vehicle.

What can parents do to prevent drunk driving by teenage children? Teen drinking is a reality, whether parents like it or not. What should they say to keep their kids off the roads if they’ve been drinking?

The first step is to simply explain the risks. Parents need to sit down with their children and talk about the impact of alcohol on the body. They need to talk about the car accident statistics and how likely it is that a drunk driving accident will be fatal. It’s not enough to just tell the teen not to drink. Parents need to explain why they shouldn’t drink and why they definitely shouldn’t drive if they do.

Another important step is to set up rules for the teen. For instance, parents may tell them that drinking and driving will not be tolerated and that getting caught once — even if they don’t get a DUI — means they lose all driving privileges. Parents need to make it very clear where they stand.

Additionally, it may be wise for parents to encourage teens to call them for a ride if they do end up drinking. The safety of the teen, and of others on the road, is the main concern.

No matter how conscientious your teen is about not drinking and driving, if they’re injured while they’re a passenger in a car with a drunk driver behind the wheel or are hit by a drunk driver, they could still suffer serious injuries. It’s important to find out what your rights are to seek financial compensation to deal with those injuries.