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Police officer in Virginia hit by car

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

The roads in Virginia have been a bit slick lately, in the early part of winter, and it shows. It’s led to accidents all over the state, and the authorities are now reminding people to drive more carefully until things clear up again. It’s a good mindset for them to carry all the way until spring, not just when snow is falling.

In one recent case, the State Police Department got a call about an accident and a trooper went to the crash scene. He got out of his car to assess the situation.

While he was outside, another car went out of control on those slippery roads. It spun out and careened into other vehicles, managing to hit four of them altogether. It also struck the trooper on the road while this happened.

That state trooper is the third member of the force to get hit by a car. He was taken to the hospital to get proper medical treatment, though he appears to be in line to make a recovery.

The wreck happened very early in the morning, right around 3:58 a.m., on Dec. 10. It took place out on I-295N, right near mile marker 31.

You often see these types of accidents in the early winter. People are used to driving on the clear roads of summer and fall, and they forget just how easy it is to lose control when the roads are slick. It’s especially dangerous at night, with the reduced visibility.

Those who get hurt in these accidents may face extensive medical bills. It’s important for them to know all the legal options they have to seek compensation.